The iPhone SE is falling and could surprise in price

All clues point in the same direction: Apple is about to launch a new small-sized iPhone, a successor to the iPhone SE unveiled in 2016 that would carry the same name.

With a screen only 4 inches diagonal instead of the 4.7 of the current iPhone 8 (the smallest iPhone model for sale), its main attraction would be in the price. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who typically uses Apple suppliers as sources, the new phone would cost $ 399 in the United States. before taxes, which could translate to about 479 euros in Europe with VAT included, the lowest price an iPhone has ever had.

The basic model would have 64 GB of memory and would maintain fingerprint identification as a biometric authentication system, instead of FaceID facial recognition. The design will therefore be very similar to the current iPhone 8, although without the 3D Touch function that allows detecting the degree of pressure exerted on the screen, a technology that Apple has abandoned in the latest iPhone models .

The smaller screen and the absence of this component would also give the phone greater autonomy, according to the 9to5mac website . The phone could use the same processor present in the current generation of iPhone , the A13, but it will probably have a single camera and more limited in quality and functions. The current iPhone 8 uses the A11, a processor from two generations ago.

The update, however, will incorporate some other key technologies such as the ExpressCard payment option, which allows paying in public transport without having to activate the screen or even with the phone turned off, or the future CarKey, which will allow using the iPhone to open the door of some car models, a technology that Apple has been working on for a few months, present in the latest generations of iPhone and for which it would have the support of several car manufacturers.

The iPhone SE will be available in three colors: white, black and a red charity edition of PRODUCT (Red), in which part of the proceeds will be donated to the fight against HIV. There will be three memory capacities: 64, 128 and 256 GB . Apple will also be selling several colored covers and some of these covers and accessories have already begun to reach distributors, which gives an idea of ​​the imminent launch.

In a typical year, the new phone may have been announced alongside the iPad Pro and Macbook Air unveiled in mid-March . The coronavirus epidemic, which has forced all of the company’s stores to close, sent its workers home and disrupted the operations of its suppliers in China for more than a month, would have nonetheless forced some adjustments to its schedule. this presentation.

With its low price, this iPhone could be key to Apple’s expansion in emerging markets such as India or rural China, markets where the current iPhone is still extremely expensive. The economic blow that the coronavirus is expected to cause could also make it a highly demanded option in markets such as Europe or the United States.

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