10 Benefits of using WordPress for our website

WordPress allows us to work on our website from any device. Furthermore, it is very easy to integrate into other external domains and has many advantages such as CMS. Here are the benefits of using word press.

WordPress has positioned itself as the main content management system (CMS) almost since its birth in 2003. This is mainly due to the fact that it is very intuitive and is focused on creating all kinds of websites, both pages and blogs , with professional appearance. The advantages of WordPress are mainly based on its easy handling.

However, there are more reasons that have led WordPress to success.

The following are the top ten benefits of using WordPress:

1. Great ease of use

It is a very simple CMS to use and with a very intuitive interface, something that facilitates the creation of new pages, blogs and other digital formats, including online stores.

2. Can be worked from any device

We can access WordPress from any computer connected to the Internet and manage our site. This facilitates the periodic creation of content.

3. User does not need programming knowledge

Thus, we will be able to create new pages, blog posts, share images or videos, all without the need to handle additional HTML or FTP.

4. Improve SEO

WordPress is well regarded by search engines, as its code is very clean and simple. This feature simplifies the reading and indexing of content.

On the other hand, the CMS itself offers tools to improve the SEO  of the pages, the entries and the images. A good example is  Yoast SEO , with this plugin we will be able to introduce a main keyword , so that we will optimize our SEO entries according to that keyword. This tool will show us if our SEO is good, fair or bad.

5. Self-management

We don’t need a web designer to make simple changes to our site, therefore we control the maintenance ourselves.

6. Customizable layout

The appearance of the templates are usually customizable, so that everyone can adapt their web pages to their needs.

7. Simple integration

One of the best advantages of WordPress is how easy it is to integrate it into other external domains.

8. Plugins

It makes a large number of plugins available to us that improve the user experience on our website and, in addition, integrates other company platforms.

9. Adaptation

Another of the great advantages of WordPress is that it is very scalable and we can grow as our business does.

10. Multiple users

To facilitate teamwork, it enables the creation of multiple users with different permissions. The roles range from subscribers who can only edit their profile, to administrators, who have full access to the web.

In short, we are talking about an accessible and very intuitive CMS, which helps many brands that do not have a web designer in their templates. In addition, it facilitates the addition of content and has different templates for all tastes and needs. These 10 WordPress advantages position it as the best choice among all the content managers on the market today.

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