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The Future Of AI In Digital Marketing

During the last 12 months, the phrase Artificial Intelligence ( AI) has had a 238% increase in Google search engines. This demonstrates the growing interest in a topic that opens the doors of change in all forms of work, even more so, and in an accelerated manner with the arrival of Chat GPT to the market, a tool that, indisputably, has marked a before and after in the perception of the world, in the way in which technology is being integrated with our daily lives. In this article we will discuss about The Future Of AI In Digital Marketing.

What is artificial intelligence?

Over the years, we are accustomed to relating the concept of artificial intelligence with science fiction, with great Hollywood films such as the example of “Terminator” where machines challenge humanity; But what many people do not know is that this concept has been present for years in our daily lives, in functions as common as facial recognition on our smartphones.

Artificial intelligence consists of programmed systems that seek to imitate human intelligence in order to solve specific problems or tasks that contribute to the advancement of society, with new ways of working. The biggest novelty of these times is the aforementioned Chat GPT or Dall-e , which since 2023 have generated great interest in all tools and topics related to artificial intelligence.

The main function of these tools is deep learning , a branch of artificial intelligence whose objective is to allow systems to automatically learn from data , detecting patterns and performing different tasks based on the data. With this, you can generate different responses based on the information you have and allow you to see beyond what simple data shows us.

Where are we currently?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly connected to all professions and their accelerated and radical changes. Digital Marketing has, at this time, a possibility of transformation and evolution with the innovations that, from Artificial Intelligence, can be incorporated through programmed systems that allow different tasks and services to be carried out in a new and automated way to comply with the in order to offer products, services and digital sales from communication with greater value and with new elements.

To achieve this purpose, there are new tools that seek to make people more efficient and save time in the different tasks they have during their daily lives. Using reliable and accurate sources of information that provide a large amount of data to expand the market requirements and always be able to have a real response to the different requests that may be had.

According to a study conducted by in 2023, the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow by 29% annually until 2027 . A figure that demonstrates the “boom” that AI systems have had in recent months, not only with new tools, but also with the world’s largest technology companies such as Google with its Bard product, which have sought to enter this market. quickly before other competitors displace its leading positioning.

How do these technologies impact Digital Marketing?

future of AI in digital marketing

More than 1 year have passed since the arrival of Chat GPT to the market, the tool that made the whole topic of artificial intelligence boom, enough time to see the impact that can be had with these areas on a daily basis, as well as than in different work areas such as digital marketing. From strategy, to content creation, to prediction of results, today we already see tools that can support us in all the necessary stages for the development of a successful digital marketing strategy .

Despite this, the way in which AI impacts digital marketing the most is in its ability to predict user behavior . With data collection, an artificial intelligence system is capable of detecting user behavior patterns and preferences, to be able to offer personalized content suggestions , email concepts and customer support in real time, along with online marketing strategies. social networks.

Where can AI be used in Digital Marketing?

Below, you will learn about the main areas in which you can use AI in digital marketing:

Content creation:

With tools like Dall-E or GPT Chat itself, you can create custom art or text to meet the specific needs of the strategy, even taking into account the data you have on different current or desired clients.

Some tools that can currently help with content creation are: for making personalized copies, Stockming.ia for generating photos from text, and Invideo for generating videos from text.

Definition of strategy:

Many times we have a defined objective, but we do not have a clear path on how to get there. With the use of correct information , we can count on an AI tool like GPT Chat itself as an assistant to suggest different strategies to reach the desired objective .

Chatbot Creation:

Using the customer purchasing process in a company, an AI-based system can be generated that allows customers to obtain the desired responses in an automated and accurate way. This would allow for greater customer satisfaction , as well as an increase in the possibility of conversion.

How AI technology can affect the future of digital marketing
There is no way back. The artificial intelligence market is going to grow exponentially in the coming years. Currently, we are seeing the first chapters of a work that has taken years of research, but surely, as time passes and the research and use of these tools deepen, artificial intelligence will be more accurate , more commonly used, useful and confiable.

The changes and transformations of large companies, the increase in people’s interest in technology, the dynamism in new ways of working, the automation of processes and many other factors, mean that there is greater investment in the generation of new artificial intelligence systems , which will bring about a revolution in the way in all professions and, particularly, in the way we currently understand digital marketing .

Little by little, technologies will emerge to create support at work , but not to replace it , so adaptation to artificial intelligence will be key in two aspects, efficiency and quality of the different deliverables that are delivered. they need. When we talk about efficiency, we mean that artificial intelligence tools will allow us to diversify the efforts we make, allowing us to perform multiple tasks in a shorter period of time that will allow us to focus human efforts on the priority tasks at hand.

Likewise, when talking about programmed systems , it will be possible to maintain a constant quality of each of the final deliverables, thus seeking to generate high-quality processes in the shortest possible time.

One of the main trends that have emerged in recent years is content segmentation and personalization , a very important feature that can be achieved with artificial intelligence. By using real-time data, artificial intelligence would allow people to generate systems that allow them to classify their potential clients based on similar behavior patterns that they have, in order to be able to create specific and personalized content that translates into a more relevant communication to users.

Creativity, the difference between man and programming

Although today it is increasingly common to see artificial intelligence tools in our daily lives, adaptation to them is going to be a key factor for professionals and those interested in digital marketing in the future. No matter how much technologies may grow, they will continue to be systems programmed to perform tasks that are based on data and detect patterns or relationships between them to carry out their different tasks, which is why the creativity of artificial intelligence has been limited by data. those you have learned.

Creativity is precisely the barrier that differentiates artificial intelligence from human intelligence. Humans have a creative capacity that is influenced by feelings, personal experiences, emotions, cultural contexts and even linked to the ability to reflect. Human creativity is not limited to recognizing patterns, it seeks to create something new that allows us to generate an impact on society based on all the feelings we have, something that, at the moment, has not been able to be replicated through programming.

The future is oriented towards the automation of many digital marketing processes, which will make it essential for new professionals in the area to use the different artificial intelligence tools to be able to maintain greater work efficiency, with more precise results depending on the user and with a quality that increases the probability of conversion. Knowing all this, are you ready to adopt artificial intelligence in your business?

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