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What is web design and its importance today

Do you have a quality online presence? From our experience we know that the creation of any web page is not enough , but that it is necessary to generate trust and show the professional level of the company or business. This is achieved with a quality design that causes a clear message to the user: “This is what I am looking for.”

What is web design?

First of all, what is web design?

It is a branch of design that encompasses the creative function of digital marketing and its purpose is the creation of websites. Good web design is about creating, developing, and how customers interact on the site. A professional designer knows how to unite design principles to create a site tailored to visitors. Now let’s get down to business!

Do you want a quality design for your brand?

We are sure that you do not want to give a beginner’s image but you are looking to impact, captivate and make the best impression . With this article we explain the key elements to ensure a web design that attracts more customers for your online business .

Why is web design important?

The design of a web page is key when offering a service or creating an online business. Factors such as usability, navigation (User Experience) and even the use of certain colors are important points that potential customers take into account when continuing to browse or, conversely, search on another website.

The 94% of people judge the bad design as the main reason why not trust a website. This clearly means that design is the most important thing for users . Now, do you see that it is necessary?

Advantages of professional web design

Design and development combined with correct content writing increase the usefulness of the web and make it more effective .

The web works as a communication channel that offers the opportunity to have direct contact with producers and consumers.

If a website shows poor design, you may have rejection from visitors. On the other hand, a quality web design projects a professional image that provides security and trust among potential clients.

Advantages of web design

Why do companies pay so much for this service?

It is often difficult to understand the importance of having a quality web design. As long as the web works well, is that enough?

It is the weapon with which we make the first impression , this being the most important to remain present as professionals.

Web design and its main elements


It is a mistake to load the page with a lot of text since it does not give the reader respite. On the other hand, the typeface, which covers the fonts, size and style, must be legible .

Using too source variations can distract the eye . In Coco’s study we recommend fonts adapted to small devices, such as mobiles, and that are easy to read.

Typography web design


An important factor is the colors and combinations of them that provoke emotions in the readers. The black color, for example, transmits mystery, power and elegance . On the other hand, dark blue generates confidence and security. The use of colors and their combinations should always be focused on the point where you want to attract attention . Only the colors that define the brand are used, this avoids confusion in the future.

Choose color

Correct use of images

Do you know how boring a page without images is? Users wait for small pauses while looking at the photos that appear in the content of a site. Offering images, icons, or even offering a service through an image can attract customers.

Navigation and usability

One of the most important reasons when investing in a web design. A website may have unique , quality information, but if the reader can not easily find what they want, they will close the tab and search the competition.

Website navigation should be intuitive . If a user is slow to find the service or contact page, they will probably leave the site. This is what is known as «user experience».

The web design of the competition

It is clear that there is a lot of competition, especially in some sectors. The good news is that it is easy to have  access to see what they do and  improve  how they do it. Analyzing the competition can help us to see, as users, aspects to improve that we can apply to our website. It is a good opportunity to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors.

The trust

As we said, colors provoke emotions and it is necessary to know how to use them to our advantage. The website is the face of a business.

A poorly designed site is the same as someone badly dressed. On the other hand, a good web design shows closeness and empathy. Which do you choose?


Different factors of web design are involved in the way of publishing content, and in turn influences the way that search engines index content.

It can be difficult to understand if you don’t have an understanding of SEO and how it is related, but put simply, there must be code compatibility and SEO.

The best option will always be to work with a professional who knows how to design a quality website.


Professional web design is an aspect of digital marketing that is not learned in 3 days. A professional designer should have experience and spend time  improving this art.

When you have a well-designed website, people feel confident and have no doubts when it comes to purchasing a service. And therefore it means having a prosperous business and generating profits .

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