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Moz vs Semrush vs Ahrefs: Which is Better?

Learn about 3 surprising tools when it comes to generating significant improvements in the SEO of your website. Which is the most convenient for your needs?

Before starting the MOZ vs SEMRush vs Ahrefs comparison, and being able to determine which one is the best for us, it is important to know exactly what type of tool we are talking about.

These three tools are keyword analyzers. A keyword analyzer is a tool that can measure various parameters to find out how effective a keyword is . There are several types according to the characteristics they analyze or according to their objective:

Types of keyword analyzers according to their characteristics

Density analyzers

They look at how many times the keyword appears in a certain text to get a percentage. For example, if this keyword is present 3 times in a text of 100 words, the density is 3%.

PPC analyzers

They are responsible for analyzing the performance of a keyword in a pasted search. Ideal for advertisers.

According to your objective:

Analyzers to investigate keywords

Indicates a keyword’s mentions on a web page, suggestions and similar search terms, in addition to examining your SERP.

Analyzers to determine backlink

See which web pages use a certain keyword. It is very useful to determine new keywords for pasted searches

Now let’s move on to compare MOZ vs SEMRush vs Ahrefs

1. MOZ PRO, popular and versatile

It is perhaps the most popular SEO tool on this list. MOZ relies on SEO metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority to provide data on keyword rankings, page optimization reports, and more.

MOZ Features

  • Tracking the World Ranking

Track keywords on Google, Bling, and Yahoo weekly in over 200 countries. In addition, you can classify them by campaign, keyword tag and location.

  • Keyword research

Discover and prioritize the best keywords that match your site.

  • Analysis of the profile of the links

Access the best links on the web and evaluate them with metrics from industry leader.

  • Website optimization

Search the best performing content across the web to find winning strategies and accelerate your content creation efforts.

MOZ Advantages

  • The page optimization feature allows you to identify and correct problems on the site and increase search ranking.
  • Excellent customer service . 1 to 1 product tutorial available for all plans.

Disadvantages of MOZ

Backlink information can sometimes be imprecise.
It has a somewhat hard learning process, the interface may not be very beginner friendly as it may take a little time to get used to all its features.

2. SEMRush, accurate data, direct actions

SEMRush is the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing and one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. SEMRush allows you to research keywords, spy on your competitor’s SEO and PPC strategies, do backlink analysis and much more.

SEMRush Features

  • On Page SEO Checker

It offers a detailed list of things you could do to optimize your ranking for your target keywords, from semantically related words to include on your pages to link leads to recommendations on target content length and readability.

  • Site Audit

It helps you identify SEO errors and warnings on your website, and provides you with a complete list of recommendations to improve the overall SEO status of your site.

  • Keyword Magic Tool

It helps you choose the most profitable keyword in your niche and generates over 2 million keyword ideas for your seed keyword.

Advantages of SEMRush

Keyword search for different purposes

  • Find the best keywords in the competition.
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Collect phrase matches and related keywords.
  • Get long tail keywords.
  • Find keywords with less competition.
  • Do a deep backlink analysis.

Pending the competition

  • Discover new organic competitors.
  • Discover the advertising strategies and budget of your competitors.

Domain watcher

  • Observe the changes of position of the domains.
  • Make comparisons of domains side by side.

Report generator

  • Bring all the data together in a custom PDF report.

Disadvantages of SEMRush

  • It is difficult to learn how to use it correctly.
  • The backlink analysis tool lacks the breadth and precision of the Ahrefs Site Explorer.
  • The number of word analyzes is limited and requires additional volume payment

3. Ahrefs, much more than backlinks

If we compare the MOZ vs SEMRush vs Ahrefs tools, the latter is the best option when it comes to creating high quality backlinks. Ahrefs is the keyword analyzer with the best link index among all SEO tools. You can use this tool to discover the backlink profile of your competitors and create your own.

Ahrefs Features

  • Site Explorer

Get a detailed look at organic search traffic and the backlink profile of any website or URL.

  • Content Explorer

Discover the most popular content for any topic (by backlink, organic traffic and shared resources on social networks).

  • Alerts

Receive notifications of new backlinks and lost backlinks, web mentions and keyword rankings.

  • Ranking tracker

Track your desktop and mobile rankings for any location. Get daily / weekly / monthly reports.

  • Domain comparison

Compare the backlink profiles of up to 5 different domains.

Ahrefs Advantages

  • Unsurpassed backlink analysis .
  • The ranking tracker is accurate and reliable.
  • The email alerts help you keep track of new and lost backlinks and your site rankings for important keywords.
  • Honest in terms of benefits and what they offer.

Disadvantages of Ahrefs

  • Expensive compared to other link building tools.

After all this information, it only remains to ask ourselves: which is better between MOZ vs SEMRush vs Ahrefs? To choose the appropriate keyword analyzer according to our project, we must look at the current characteristics of each tool

In short, the verdict for MOZ vs SEMRush vs Ahrefs
The good thing about MOZ

MOZ used to be the best in terms of backlink rate, but now it has been overtaken by Ahrefs, and in terms of keyword research, both SEMRush and Ahrefs have surpassed it.

But not all are negative points, a feature of Moz that these other two tools should add is the analysis of company listings.

How much SEMRush can offer us

This is the definitive SEO tool that helps you unravel the most profitable keywords for your venture, and helps you gain a deeper understanding of your competitors’ search and PPC tactics for higher SERP scores.

SEMRush could easily outperform Ahrefs if it invested more resources in its backlink index. Its API is the most robust of the three, and its technical audit tool is comprehensive and contains the most accurate competitor PPC data.

But why Ahrefs stands out today

When it comes to backlink analysis, Ahrefs is the best there is. Despite being on the more expensive side, it is worth investing in this tool due to the strong ROI. Ahrefs is the clear winner here, mainly because they have the largest backlink index, the most important feature in an SEO tool.

Its new keyword research tool is also amazing for analyzing keyword data, beating out the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool. Its technical audit tool is disappointing and its access to the API leaves a lot to be desired. For about the same price as the competition, Ahrefs is ahead in many ways.

The world of online marketing, of keywords , and especially of keyword analyzers is fascinating and very competitive. One tool can outperform another today, but it should always be at the forefront of the others. Now you have our opinion, but we encourage you to try the one that best meets the expectations of your own project. Cheer up and good luck with your choice!

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