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How to have a successful social media marketing strategy

Social networks were originally created to make possible an immediate and massive connection of people with their social environment, without distance being an impediment. Today these media have evolved and are now part of marketing strategies for all businesses. Any brand with just one click can make itself known and interact with its customers and prospects.

An industry report reviewed by Social Media Browse, highlights that for 90% of marketers, social media is important to their business . However, the path to success through this means of communication is a path that many still travel. There are some companies that demonstrate how a good social media strategy is the first step to a solid start. Since social media affects purchasing decisions.

Although everything involves its respective process, here are some tips to achieve it:

1. Know yours

Social media marketing strategy

The first thing is to really know your brand and your target audience. Each product has its respective audience. The company must define who its consumers and its market niche are, and with that information analyze what this group of people really expect to read and where their tastes lean; Later this will help define the type of content that should be published on social networks.

2. Determine a goal

Social media

Once the company can know its audience and the best ways to communicate, it must define what its final objective is, to guide each decision it makes based on a strategy that allows it to achieve it.

Having a starting point makes it easy to create goals that contribute to the marketing mission.

3. Group strength


The company must have the ability to connect with its audience, so it must be empathetic and understand the motivations and interests of each of them, as well as their pain points.

It is a job that must be carried out with the sales team, who have greater contact with customers, and therefore an ability to take on ideas.

4. Quality content


Give your social network personality, the idea is not to create one more page from the bunch, but to catch customers with quality content, which has more weight than quantity. Therefore, the frequency to publish must be analyzed. Better two publications a day well done and studied, than hundreds of them without any objective and just to fill the space.

This strategy must go hand in hand with an analysis of competition, study the strongest, observe how their work and dedication are within this platform, as well as the fruits they receive. Then this will help make it much easier to investigate within your own network, find the errors and flaws they have.

Each social network attracts a different audience, with this the most convenient one must be analyzed, be it: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which are the most used.

5. Constant work

Social media strategies should be regularly evaluated. Some companies can count on successful and accelerated growth, but they must continue working and improving their accounts with a routine of social media management, so that they can maintain a constant presence.

Some applications can help assess the presence of your company with a single click, they also provide reports of interactions and scopes.

6. Invest in your product

Social networks must also have an investment. The best of them is to build a community of ambassadors. In this era where influencers have a big impact on decision making, it is important to create partnerships with a successful human connection, which will show your potential customers who and what is behind the product being offered.

Other ways to expand the company is by hiring passionate and talented people to help you run social media. Instagram is an excellent space to highlight the corporate culture and everything your company has accomplished. The idea is that the user does not see the company’s social network as a foreign and indifferent object; but as a space that understands it, and that like him is in search of improvement and growth, and can see on that page some kind of help or support.

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