How to make money online: 6 tips that work in 2020

So you want to make money online.

You have probably already found a lot of bloggers who explain how to do it. And most of them are probably not earning a single euro (run away from whoever tells you to fill out surveys or click on ads to generate income).

Not to mention those who only make money selling courses where they teach how to make money. Paradoxical, right?

Is not my style. I have spent years living on the Internet, generating thousands of euros and learning the ins and outs of online business.

First of all you should know that making money online is not easy or fast. It never has been, despite what you read or want to sell you.

I have had to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice a lot of my free time. I have spent sleepless nights, I have spent hundreds of hours learning and I have given up my vacation while trying to earn my first euros.

But it was worth it.

The great advantage is that  technical knowledge is no longer necessary . Before you should know how to program to create a website, but today there are systems so intuitive that even a child would know how to do it.

So the opportunity is now.

In this article I am going to reveal to you the 6 best ways to make money on the Internet for its economic potential, simplicity and ability to generate income in a stable way. And since I want to be totally transparent with you, I will also show you my own results.

I remind you that here you will not find high risk systems or ridiculous income such as completing online surveys or playing poker . If you want to make real money, you’re going to have to work it out for yourself.

Active versus passive income

Before starting, you should know that there are two ways to make money online: active and passive systems .

  • The assets are those that require you to have to be doing something to generate income, as can be to sell crafts made by you, translate text or play poker.
  • The liabilities are those that, once created, require virtually no further action on your part. Think about the advertising revenue generated by website readers or the dividends you get with an investment. After the initial effort, then you don’t have to do practically anything else.

The latter are the most desired.

Thanks to passive systems you can continue to generate income while you sleep , are on the road or spend your time on anything else. They not only give you money: they also give you freedom .

And it’s not that active systems are bad, but the Internet is like a storefront that never closes. It’s always up and running, and you can take advantage of it to get a steady stream of income.

How to make money online: 10 formulas that work

Let’s now see the best ways to earn money online for their economic potential, simplicity and reliability, and the results I have achieved with them.

1. Earn money with affiliate marketing

This is the system with which I earned my first euros, and in my opinion it is one of the most affordable ways for any beginner who wants to generate passive income.

It hardly requires knowledge, the investment is almost nil and its earning potential is very high. Also, once assembled you can practically forget about it: only minimal maintenance will be necessary.

Affiliate marketing consists of creating a website where you will publish analysis and product recommendations . In these analyzes you will put links to other web pages where they sell the product. If you end up buying it, the seller will give you a commission for referring a customer.

Logically, you must first have come to terms with those web pages. Luckily, today there are affiliation platforms (the best known is Amazon Affiliates ) where you only have to register to be part of that agreement.

How to make money online affiliated marketing

Do you see where the grace is? You create a web page, publish articles and, once they have visits, it becomes an automatic system that you should not be constantly attending to.

The income potential of this system depends on the market you have chosen (the more that category of products is sold online and the more expensive they are, the better), but also on the time you invest.

Basically, these are the tasks you will need to do:

  1. Create a website. 
  2. Write analyzes, comparisons and recommendations. You will spend most of your time here. You can pay someone to do it, but I recommend that you write first to gain knowledge and practice.
  3. Position your website in search engines. Although in the less competitive markets your website can position itself practically, sometimes you will need to present your website in other places on the Internet to make it more visible.

2. Create a website and monetize it with Adsense

Another of the best ways to make money online passively is to monetize web pages with advertising.

The concept is similar to that of affiliate marketing: you create a web page on a topic, you attract readers and once they are there you earn money when they perform a certain action.

The great advantage of advertising is that you do not need the reader to buy for you to take a commission. The most common thing is that you earn money when the reader clicks on an ad (known as PPC -Pay Per Click-).

In fact, this is how the world’s largest ad network works: Google Adsense.

Adsense is so popular thanks to its ease of use and number of advertisers. You simply sign up and, once your request has been approved, you can already place ads on your website by inserting a small code.

With Adsense you do not choose what type of ads appear: Google is in charge of doing it automatically according to the theme of your website and the profile of the reader. In this way you can show personalized ads for each reader, which has three benefits:

  • Maximize the money you can earn from advertising . The more relevant and specific an ad is, the more likely the reader will click on it.
  • It saves you from having to contact any advertiser directly . There are hundreds of thousands of companies advertising through Adsense.
  • That the ads do not seem forced . Being personalized for the reader and thematic of the web, they integrate quite naturally into the pages.

Unlike affiliate marketing, here the ideal is to create a web page that provides general information on a certain topic instead of publishing comparisons and analysis.

For example, you could create a website where you would publish cooking recipes or information about dogs or even dinosaurs.

The potential of this system depends fundamentally on three things: the theme you have chosen, the number of visits the website has and the percentage of those visits that click on the ads.

3. Sell courses and services with your blog

If the previous two were two of the best ways to make money online, this is the BEST way to make money online.

But like everything, the more money something can generate, the more effort it requires.

It is about creating a blog on a specific subject, positioning yourself as an expert in it, and selling your own paid online courses.

Sounds difficult? It requires effort, but it is not that complicated. The key is to choose a topic that you master, where there are people interested, and build a reputation by publishing content.

The advantage of online payment courses is that they can become totally passive systems, because once created it costs you the same to sell one as two hundred. You just have to publish it in video or PDF format and sell it through an automated system to your subscribers.

4. Offer your services on specialized pages

If you do not have or do not want to create a blog or a website (although anyone without technical knowledge can do it today), another way to get a handful of euros online is by doing small online services .

The operation is very simple:

  1. You register on one of the online platforms that put you in contact with potential clients
  2. You publish your service and put a price on it
  3. You wait to be hired

The jobs that are usually offered on these platforms are simple things, such as translating a text, editing a video, designing a logo, writing a resume or preparing a PowerPoint presentation.

There are even those who offer to write irresistible Tinder profiles, your imagination is the limit!

Your income will depend on the amount of hours and effort you can dedicate to it on a regular basis. Some people make a whole salary or even several thousand euros a month, but it will generally be useful if you need extra income.

5. Work as a copywriter

Generating content that attracts and loyal readers is a fundamental pillar of any digital strategy, and this is well known by both large companies and small entrepreneurs.

So every day more than 3 million articles are published on blogs . There are posts about economics, animals, photography, food, health, marketing, video games, philosophy, politics … Anything you can imagine.

This need to create content has led to the appearance of another professional profile in high demand in the online world: the editor.

Working as a copywriter is a very fast way to start making money online, since there is a constant demand. You don’t need great skills to do it either: you just have to like writing and be good at it.

How much money can a copywriter earn?

It depends on your experience, quality of the texts and your specialty, but in general the rates tend to be between  3 and 10 euros for every 100 words , so a 2,000-word article can be perfectly paid at more than 100 euros.

I have been working with editors for my affiliation projects for years and several of them, dedicating themselves full time, generate a monthly income of over 2,000 euros . But some can earn much more!

Copywriters who specialize in creating sales pages are usually the highest paid, as they are concerned with creating those messages that must convince people to buy. Thousands of euros have been paid  for a page of this type.

6. Create a YouTube channel

With the purchase of YouTube by Google and the exponential growth in the consumption of content in video format, there were people who, overnight, began to earn a lot of money with their video channel.

Yes, there are more and more competitors, but YouTube is the second Internet search engine, only behind Google, and it is expected that in a very short time it will become the first. That means that its economic potential is booming.

It is difficult to replace a whole salary, but if you can bring knowledge or fun to users and you have fun in front of the camera, in the medium term it is possible to generate some extra money with a YouTube channel.

How much money are talking about

Surely you have heard that some YouTubers bill millions of euros a year. But you can count them on your fingers. For you to do your calculations, you should know that, on average, YouTube advertising pays between  0.20 and 3 euros for every 1,000 views  of a video.

This figure depends on the theme of the channel, since content on Forex or health is usually paid better than channels on video games or curiosities.

Let’s suppose that after 18 months you manage to build a channel with 100,000 subscribers, which is not bad.

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