Is the internet failing you ?: 5 simple tips to overcome connection errors during quarantine by covid-19

Due to social isolation measures and the quarantine established in many countries by the coronavirus, professionals around the world are working from home.

This obviously requires more internet use than usual.

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By spending more time at home and using our network for video conferencing, searching and using streaming services , there is a risk that our connection will slow down and not work in an optimal state.

Although more efforts have been announced from internet providers worldwide to respond to the increase in demand, there are practices that can be done at home to ensure that the network does not fail in the most important moments.

Use a cable instead of a wireless connection

There is no doubt that it is much more comfortable to use all our devices wirelessly.
However, if you work from home on a computer, you may want to consider connecting it to the router directly with a cable instead of using the wireless network.

According to Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, the use of an ethernet cable guarantees a faster and more secure connection .

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These cables are relatively cheap, with an average price of $ 10. They can be found even for less.

Put the router in the best possible position

Many times we choose to place the router in the most aesthetic position possible in our living room, but that does not mean that it is in the right place.

It is no coincidence that the logo of the wifi signal is formed by shock waves.

These waves are distributed in the form of a sphere, so any obstacle can prevent the signal from reaching us at its maximum performance .

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Walls, furniture, and windows can be impediments, but also other devices such as telephones, lamps, speakers, and televisions.

Ofcom, therefore, recommends locating the router away from such devices and even advises against using the microwave when making video calls, watching online videos, or doing a vital task that requires the internet.

Make sure your video calls are necessary

Think twice if it really is so necessary that all your work calls are through video conferencing applications.

These require a greater connection effort and can hinder the operation of the network.

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In applications like Zoom and Skype you can disable the camera if you are not currently presenting or leading the meeting.

Doing this will be appreciated not only by your network, but also by other household members who are telecommuting.

Better distribute the hours you work

One of the advantages of working from home is that, unless we have a deadline to deliver a report or we have a meeting scheduled, we can organize our schedule differently.

This way we can work a greater number of hours outside the peak hours in which most people use the internet.

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Also consider if you need the network for all the activities you do. You may need the internet to collect certain information, but you may be offline to write a report or organize a table in Excel .

Disconnect the devices you don’t use

We go from computer to mobile, from mobile to tablet, from tablet to game console … and along the way we forget to disconnect them, this saturates our network.

It is a good idea to disconnect from the internet or put those devices that we are not using in airplane mode to guarantee maximum performance in those that we need.

  1. Reduces the quality of streaming video
    When we play a video online, a lot of data is used.

Especially now that we have more and more quality of reproduction at our disposal.

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On YouTube, for example, you can control the resolution of the videos. A lower quality playback will lessen saturation of the connection and help the global network to operate in an optimal state for everyone.

  1. Call your provider if you need it
    If for some reason your internet is giving problems, you can always call your particular provider for advice.

Many times you do not need a technician to come to your house and repairs can be done following simple procedures that your operator can indicate.

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