The best Android Games of 2020

Download the best games to play on Android thanks to our selection of best games. You will find both free and paid options, and such popular titles as Fortnite, PUBG or Final Fantasy.

There are thousands of compilations on the Internet of the best games for Android, so what makes ours different?

For starters, we’ve included not only the latest Android game titles, but also our all-time favorite games. Those games are the ones we end up going back to sooner or later, even if it’s just to remember old times. They never go out of style.

The compilation, in addition to free games for Android, includes the occasional paid game. Sometimes, if you want to get something of a ‘tad’ more value you have to put your hand in your pocket.

However, you should know that free games often contain additional payment elements. So if, in addition to you, you are going to let someone play (for example, a girl or a boy), it is worth checking that they will not be able to buy anything extra without your permission. 

To do this, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Play app and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.
  2. Choose the ‘Settings’ option , and swipe down until you reach the ‘Request authentication for purchases’ option .
  3. Make sure this option is set to ‘For all purchases via Google Play on this device’.

In the ‘Settings’ menu you will also find an option to automatically update the applications only if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This way you will not lose any data (some games are huge, so we do not recommend that you update or download them without Wi-Fi).  

The 10 best free Android Games list

1. Fortnite


  • PVP :  Free, Free

After months of exclusivity for mobile with iOS, Fortnite is now also available to download on Android, although all that glitters is not gold. As announced during the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, Fortnite for Android will be limited (at least initially) to those who have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or higher.

If you have a   Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet , you can access the same 100-player Battle Royale that is available for both computers and game consoles with a similar level of visual quality.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past year and don’t know Fortnite, the concept is simple: go ashore, search for weapons and materials, and, using a combination of crafting and shooting, fight to be the last player standing.

Fortnite is possibly the most popular Battle Royale game, its quality and continuous updates make us understand why.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved (free)

In June 2015, Ark: Survival Evolved entered Early Access on Steam with the goal of reaching PC and Mac. Three years later, Ark has conquered not only PC, but also Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and even iOS smartphones and Android.

It is one of the most polished “open world” games we have seen on Android, with a huge world that you can explore by land, sea and air, and more than 80 dinosaurs for you to discover, fight, train and breed.

You can create and build your own shelter, or work with friends online as a tribe to build bigger and better structures. You can unlock a wide range of weapons, from basic spears to high-tech weapons, and you can even ride some of the dinosaurs you come across. What more could you want?

The touch controls are much more intuitive than we expected, with a short learning curve expected for both new and experienced players.

The best news is that dressage times are much shorter than on PC and consoles, allowing you to build your dinosaur collection without having to feed each of them for literally hours on end.

Being a free app compared to a full-priced game on PC, there are plenty of IAPs that can help gamers get ahead along with an official Primal Pass subscription.

Payouts provide double XP to level up faster, remove all ads, provide access to both preferred servers and preferred slots on free servers and other benefits.

While having the pass will provide faster access to updates, new equipment and more, the good news is that everything is accessible too without spending a single euro.

3. PUBG Mobile (free)

Does PUBG Mobile really need an introduction? The hit battle royale game that went on sale in 2017 is now available in mobile format for both iOS and Android gamers.

Unlike the PC and console variant that will cost you € 26.99, the mobile variant is free to play with a bunch of IAPs, although these are limited exclusively to the clothing and appearance of your character.

But while some assume the experience is poor on a mobile device, the F2P mobile game actually has mechanisms that we’d love to see transferred to the main game.

Most notably, during looting, useful accessories and items will be automatically collected and equipped – ideal for those unsure of the myriad of weapon accessories available in PUBG.

Apart from the great mechanics, the shooter is not as difficult to use as some imagine. Of course, it has a learning curve, but once you get used to the position of the on-screen controls and movement mechanics, everything will flow normally.

4. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition (Free)

We are big fans of Final Fantasy XV for console and PC, which is why we were very surprised by the release of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.

Not because of the style of the artwork – which we think works incredibly well and looks great on small screens – but because of how well the mobile game reflected the events of the console game.

There are differences: the open world is not as big as in the full game, and some tasks are simpler than those of the console, but it works very well on smartphones.

The game is free to download and provides free access to the first chapter, but you’ll have to pay for each of the nine chapters it contains.

It is worth noting that it is quite demanding in terms of graphics and users may notice an accelerated decrease in battery compared to other mobile games.

5. Alto’s Adventure (free)

If you’re looking for an attractive-looking side scrolling, simple but entertaining, look no further: Alto’s Adventure is what you need.

Although it’s been available for a few years now, there are few side-scrolling Android games that can compete in terms of both visual quality and entertainment.

For those who don’t know what the game is about: You’ll have to take control of Alto as you embark on an endless snowboard adventure , traveling through incredibly detailed and vibrant environments and doing death-defying jumps through bottomless chasms.

The game employs a one-button cheat system for simplistic play, but it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Timing is everything, and as you build your combo, you’ll get faster and faster, making it harder to avoid obstacles that come your way.

And with over 180 goals to achieve, Alto’s Adventure should keep you busy until Alto’s Odyssey finally makes its Android debut.

6. Framed 2 (€ 4.99)

Framed 2 is the sequel to the smash hit of 2014, Framed. The game reintroduces the comic-style puzzle mechanics that made the first game so popular. The players are tasked with rearranging the panels in the comic books to help the character get through each section and leave behind his gun pursuers.

It is largely a trial and error game as it is not always clear how each panel will affect the overall scene, but it is very satisfying when finally working with the correct sequence in a particularly challenging sequence.

The charming art style works well in Framed 2 as well, and the intriguing storyline helps stimulate you.

If you like unique puzzle games, both Framed and Framed 2 are worth it.

7. Pokemon Go (free)

It is impossible that no list of the best Android games is complete without including the well-known Pokemon go.

This game managed to mobilize masses of fans around the world since it was created in 2016.

Despite the fact that it is not as popular nowadays, thanks to its continuous updates by Niantic and The Pokemon Company, it still has a large number of followers.

This augmented reality game will make you fall in love if the famous Pokemon saga managed to do it in your childhood (or adulthood).

It will also attract competitive people, since the game is about trying to find the best and most powerful Pokemon in order to compete with other trainers in “gyms”.

The “gyms” are located in real-world places: monuments, shopping centers, train stations … 

You can catch Pokemon by throwing PokeBalls at them, which in turn can be obtained from the PokeStops in your area.

The most beneficial thing about Pokemon Go: Encourage the girls and boys who play it to get up from the sofa and leave the house, since the only way to “get hold of everyone”, to grow eggs for rewards or to catch the famous and The most requested Pikachu is to leave home.

If you’re such a fan of the game that you’ve managed to catch all the Pokemon, don’t panic, the game isn’t over for you yet, as Pokemon Go recently released a new group of Pokemon to reality.

Did you think you already had everyone? Well, no. Stop playing the PokeBalls and play!

8. Minecraft Pocket Edition (€ 6.99 approximately)

Another of the Android games that will be most appealing for young and old is undoubtedly Minecraft Pocket Edition , the smartphone version of the famous Minecraft computer game.

It is not free, but its price is quite reasonable for the hours of fun that you can enjoy thanks to it.

If you have not yet heard of Minecraft get out of the cave you live in: it is one of the most famous games in history.

In it you can build without limits. Everything you think can be built. So in addition to fun it is creative and educational. Amazing, right?

9. Super Mario Run (free)

If you like video games you have to try Super Mario Run . It is the first Super Mario game created for mobile by Nintendo. Since December 2016 it is available for Android (ceasing to be an exclusive privilege of the App Store).

Super Mario Run is, as its name suggests, a run game . The mechanics of the game are simple, also, if you have played before Super Mario, you will know exactly what you have to do.

You will have to jump obstacles, collect coins and avoid all the enemies you find in your mission until you finish the level.

There are three game modes available:

  1. World Tour will be the world you recognize the most from previous versions. Each world is divided into three levels plus a final level in which you will have to fight the evil Bowser. 
  2. Toad Rally is a second modality in which you will have to try to beat the scores of other players.
  3. And in the third modality, Kingdom Builder, you will be able to build your own kingdom using the gains obtained in the other two modalities.

10. The SIMs

The version of The SIMs will be available soon on Android. This new version promises to be incredible, very similar to the versions for computer and Mac.

While you wait, you have several options available to play SIMs on your mobile, although they are not half as good as the version created exclusively for mobile will be.

If you can not wait, we recommend The SIMs Freeplay, it will not cost you a single penny, so you will not lose anything trying it.

If you have never played The SIMs, we summarize: you have to play god. You build and decorate homes, create characters and manage your life as you wish. You create the story.

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