The Echo Dot speaker on sale now, bring Alexa to your home

Little by little, voice assistants are becoming more common in homes. The main reason is that the number of devices that are supported is constantly increasing. 

Furthermore, smart speakers have become an excellent purchase option as their utility is quite large. If you have in mind to get an Echo Dot Speaker, now you can take advantage of an excellent offer to buy it.

The model in particular is the one that has an anthracite- colored fabric finish or any of the other three options offered by this (white, gray and pink), so it fits perfectly in almost all places where it is placed, since be it a room or the living room itself. By the way, to make it clear if it fits in the hole you have reserved, the dimensions of the Amazon Echo Dot are as follows: 43 x 99 x 99 millimeters . By the way, it does not lack an LED ring light that among other things to know if you have pending notifications of buying in the online store.

Echo Dot speaker

This accessory includes Bluetooth connectivity , which allows you to send the music from the smartphone directly to the speaker, and also WiFi (Dual Band). In this way, it can always be used without cables and the configuration from the phones is really simple and intuitive thanks to the application compatible with iOS and Android . It should be noted that the Echo Dot itself includes buttons on the top that make it possible from counting the volume to leaving the integrated microphone without activity and with which communication is established with the Alexa assistant.

Amazon Echo Dot speaker

The offer that exists to buy the Echo Dot Speaker in any color allows you to take advantage of a 42% discount , so you only have to pay 34.99 euros a most sensible amount taking into account everything that this model offers. With the option to use Prime accounts to avoid paying for shipping, we leave the link for you to make the purchase from home.

If you think that the model that integrates an LED clock just below the fabric that includes the speaker we are talking about, this model that allows you to use Smart TVs with Alexa in a simple way is also on offer pro with a somewhat lower savings since the discount in this case it stays at 36% , so its price is 44.99 euros.

A couple more details of this smart speaker

One of the most important is that it is possible to add Skills to the device, which are small applications that increase the functions (and by extension the utility) of the Amazon device. Thus, for example, you can learn from recipes to enjoying games simply by using your voice. Besides, it is possible to make purchases with the Echo Dot, which makes taking advantage of the possibilities of the Amazon store as simple as it is effective.

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