YTS/YIFY Movies Torrents – Working Proxy/Mirror Sites in 2024

YTS/YIFY movies torrents is well known for distributing a large number of films through Bit Torrent. They are the most visited torrent sites in 2019. Bit Torrent is one of the leading software companies. It is used to share electronic files and data from point to point (p2p) over the Internet. It is considered to be one of the fastest torrent clients as well. It also shares software on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Torrent sites are of high quality. The encoding format used in Yify is x264. All the latest and oldest films are available on Yify.

YTS.ag is also known as YIFY Torrents, it is the best place to find and download movies online for free. It was founded in 2010. The user only has to worry about searching and downloading the torrent. It has great film filters for quality, release year and rating. HD videos can be downloaded in small files and also for free. Yify movies torrent has all the best rated movies for download. The movie was not found on Yify? Don’t worry, it means the film is brand new. Even songs and other videos can be downloaded in the same way. The video quality is the best.

YTS/YIFY movies torrents

YIFY proxy sites are so well structured and planned that anyone can easily browse. Popular downloads are organized at the beginning. The latest downloadable movies are available at the bottom. In 2018, the majority of downloads were Marvel films. TV shows, comics, talent shows that show the biography of some bands and singers like Lady Gaga and Queen were also on the list.

Another beauty of Yify is that the files can be downloaded in any format. Up to 720 p HD, 1080p full HD and Blu-Ray. Some regions have limited access to Yify. Don’t worry, that’s when the Yify proxy unlocks and helps the user. It is a favorite site for millions. In a single day, there were millions of views per page. Making yts.ag the leader in this industry. For this reason, anti-piracy action was launched against the founders. It ended with mutual consent later. But, the return was excellent again, with no change in quality.

YIFY Proxy sites/mirror sites list












The mirror sites of the Yify Proxy are found next to each other. This serves to provide index, subtitles, film streams and much more information. There are some mirror sites and proxies where Yify can be accessed. Yes, the user can use a VPN (virtual private network) to access YIFY through an YTS proxy anonymously. It has movie subtitles in different languages. Yts proxy sites are updated regularly and maintained very well. Using unblocked Yts mirror sites, one can browse normally.

How to unlock YTS/YIFY movies torrents safely?

Torrents can be unlocked with a VPN. Sometimes, when proxies don’t work, VPN is very useful for accessing the proxy server. In particular, Nord VPN can be used to unblock Yts, if torrent sites are blocked. It protects all data and hides the IP address from anyone. It will reach the intended sites. You will not be able to track the user. Which means that no one can see the person doing anything online. The Death SwitchA ”function is very useful for torrents. This is because, even if there is an interruption in the connection, the Kill Switch identifies it. Yts torrent unlocked is one of the best to use at any time.

Points to remember before choosing the best VPN

How does a Yify Proxy work?

Follow these simple steps, Enter the site name. The ISP (Internet service provider) accepts the request. It then connects the user to the need. Now, the actual IP address used before the display. The online request is redirected. The request goes to the ISP from the computer. a twist here, it goes to the Yts proxy server and then to the destination destination. During the process, the real IP address is blocked and uses only the chosen IP address to provide security.

Is Yify/Yts Proxy necessary?

Yes, of course, the Proxy allows you to go online with a different IP address. Ideally, it can be used to avoid tracking IP addresses while searching for something online. .Can avoid being tracked when posting comments on websites.

Top 5 YTS/YIFY movies torrents alternatives

1. Kickass Torrents

This is one of the best alternative YTS torrents sites. It was launched in 2008. This website is growing day by day. It has a well-organized listing system. There is also the option to request to request the necessary torrent. The good review of Kickass is good news for users.

2. Lemon Torrents

This site shows the bandwidth and the time needed to download the torrent. Yify does not need to be unlocked if Lime Torrent is used.

3. The Pirate Bay

The site looks like a Google search page. It is considered one of the oldest. Download any movies, games, music, software and much more via pirate bay proxies. The pirate bay is the wo4lds most resilient bit torrent site.

4. 1337x

It is one of the best torrent site here to download movies, games, software and much more absolutely for free. It can be downloaded through Bit Torrent and has a very large database.

5. Torrentsz2.eu

This site collects torrents from all torrent sites. Users can find everything on this list of proxy sites. So called the “godfather” of all torrent sites. Torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine that emerged in 2016 when Torrentz closed. Torrentz2 combines results from other search engines to provide one of the largest torrent databases. The torrent search engine boasts of having over 61 million torrents and our research shows that it has more movie torrents than other types of torrents.

Conclusion – Yify/Yts Proxy

Yts torrent is providing us with high quality Hollywood, Bollywood movies. The purpose of proxy servers is mainly to hide the IP address and the secure connection. Torrent now keeps everything safe. The user needs to keep in mind the region where the torrent is made.

It is definitely very secure, verified and proven by Google Transparency. This is just to prevent piracy and copyright infringement. So, to balance it, using VPN is safe and a better idea. Although there have been several attempts to shut down the Yify proxy.

He remains present to us without giving up his best qualities. Keeping all these wonderful features, it can be said that the unlocked Yts.ag Torrent is the best. Not only is this very useful, but it serves all of our purposes at once.

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