4 Best Music Editing Apps for iPhone and Android [2024]

There are several ways to cut music on your cell phone using music editing apps for Android and iPhone ( iOS ). MP3 Cutter, for example, in addition to cutting audio, can customize and create alarm sounds and ringtones with recordings. Super Sound converts music files and extracts audio from videos. If your goal is to remove vocals from songs and preserve the background sound, it’s worth trying WavePad Music and Audio Editor. Next, check out the complete list made by Tech Today World with four apps that can cut audio and music on your cell phone.

Top Music Editing Apps for Mobile Phone

1. MP3 Cutter

The MP3 Cutter application, available free of charge for the iOS operating system, is an option to cut music on your cell phone. The tool can also edit and cut audios, create custom ringtones and alarm sounds. The app cuts files in MP3 and MP4 formats and allows you to bookmark the selected part of the song of interest to the user to use in other editions. It is also possible to share the final content to friends through social networks.

To use MP3 Cutter, just open the application, click on the “Edit music” field and choose the source of the file. Storages like iTunes , iCloud , Dropbox and Google Drive are some options. Then choose from the available editing options, such as trimming, removing a part or making a collage on the original audio.

The app operates through two movable cursors, a green one, which must be dragged in the beginning part of the music cut, and a red one, for the end part. After making the selection, click on the floppy disk icon, located in the lower right corner of the application, name it and press the “OK” option. The file will be saved within the app in the “My music” folder and can be re-edited, shared, deleted or turned into ringtones.

2. Super Sound

The Super Sound app is one of the best music editing apps available only on Android phones, cuts music on your phone and edits audio in a simple way. Some of the application’s functions are: changing the file format, cutting, splicing, mixing, accelerating music playback, extracting audio from videos, controlling volume and deleting vocals from songs while preserving the instrumental part.

In addition to the free version, Super Sound offers a premium option with plans ranging from RS.220/- monthly to RS.1000/- annually, or a single purchase worth RS.1364/-. Payment removes ads, ensures high sound quality of files and priority usage for new features, for example.

To cut songs with this app, click on “Edit audio” on the home screen and select the file to be edited. A list of audio files saved on the device will be displayed, but it is also possible to choose files in the “Folder” field or in “Online Music”. After selecting the file, just click “Trim” and move the cursor to the right or left. The directions represent the start and end of the cut, respectively. Finally, you need to click on the “Confirm” field and then tap on the save icon, present in the top right corner of the app. Edited music can be saved and shared with user contacts.

3. AudioLab

The AudioLab app has basic functions such as cutting, recording audio and adding sound effects, but it also offers advanced music editing features such as playback speed control, equalizer, removal of external noise and removal of vocals from the audio track. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and has a premium version. The monthly, annual and permanent plan options make all the app’s functions available in full with a purchase of Rs.3400/- respectively.

Using the app is simple. On the home screen, select the “Audio Editing” option. Then, click on “Add New Track” on the next screen and choose the file of interest from the available options, such as the device’s library, clipboard or iTunes, for example. With the file open, drag the cursor to the starting point of the cut and, after choosing it, click on the “Split” icon, found at the bottom of the app. Then select the next cut point, if necessary, and click the icon again. Finally, just click “Export”, add a name to the final file and save.

4. WavePad Music and Audio Editor

WavePad Music and Audio Editor can also cut mobile music on Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. The tool allows you to edit and record songs, audios, cut, copy and paste music files, add audio effects such as noise reduction, volume boost and export files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. To remove ads, the cost is Rs.80/- while unlocking all services, such as including effects, costs Rs.850/-.

On the main screen of the app, choose a file from “File” and then “Open File”, if you have a file saved on your phone, or “New File” to create a new file. After that, click on the three horizontal bars located in the upper left corner of the app and then on “Edit”. Another window will appear and in it you need to click on “Cut”. A moving frame will appear in which the user can delimit the part of the song that is of interest to be cut. Next, click on the “Save” icon and “Save File” to save the file in the application itself, or “Save File As…” to save it in a folder on the device.

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