How to develop a currency converter app?

A currency converter is a software code. This app is used to convert one currency into another currency. The code is commonly a portion or part of a website, or it forms a versatile mobile application, and it depends on the current market or bank trade rates.

You should conduct adequate research before creating a currency converter application. It is important because you need to know who your target audience is and what kind of crowd will utilize the application. Understanding the needs and demands of the target audience is the key to providing a satisfying solution. 

A currency converter application is in high demand because there is a need for knowing the current conversion rate. The currency converter is highly valuable for travelers. They can know the real-time currency conversion rate with the help of this application. They can move around easily without much hassle. 

Currency converter

Here is a simple guide on how to develop a currency converter app:

Quality app development service:

If you think you can make application development better without taking help from anyone else, then you should take care of the project. But developing an app is a complex business that requires specific skills.   

It is better to hire iOS developers who are experienced and skilled for the task. They have a better knowledge of the industry and the competition and can help in creating an app that stands out in the crowd of similar apps.

Add valuable features:

The features of an app play a crucial role in retaining users. Many people install an app because of an attractive interface but few stick with it because of the design.  The functionality of an app will always get preferences over the appearance so make sure you choose the features wisely. 

It should incorporate a wide range of currencies so that you can cover a wide range of countries.

Building money converter applications should focus on providing up-to-date trade rates. It should open a gate for a wide assortment of monetary forms over the globe. It will allow them to attract a wider audience.

To attract global audience you should add large number of currencies to the application. It will allow you to cater the needs of large number of clients from particular nations. 

Displaying real-time exchange rate:

You can continuously show trade rates to the clients to offer a consistent experience.

When the application is connected to the currency converter, it must have constant information or live updates that tell the exact and precise conversion rates to the clients. The clients should be able to check the current rate of domestic or international currencies without any delay. If the application fails to convey the current rates then it will lose users quickly. 

To overcome the challenge, you can assemble a currency converter application that shows up-to-date information.

Graphical representation:

There should be a graphical portrayal of conveying accurate data to the clients. The money converter application may contain more than 100s of monetary forms and to discover and change them to homegrown currency would deplete a lot of time. In this circumstance, you can add brisk access and search for history-based suggestions to your application.

It will expand the prominence and ease of use and save the hours of the clients. Now, clients can rapidly get to their desire currency and get the outcome. Additionally, you can add graphical portrayal includes that will appeal to the client and bring new clients to the application.

Designing of currency converter application:

Before designing a currency converter application, you must decide how your interface will look like. The key is to make the application user friendly as no one prefers a fancy application with complicated features. You need to consider that the application conveys just data, so there should not be a hefty color combination in the app design or incorporation of complex designs.

Simply, a basic application with moderate design and user-friendly features is enough. There is no need to add too many features. Just add the basics like a calculator, a list of currencies, and an exchange rate. 

How to earn from currency converter application?

Your application is created, and the next step is monetizing the application. 

Now how can you earn money from it? There are two things you can do. Either you make it accessible on Apple App Store and charge a price for the application, or you can make an Android application and make it accessible on the Google Play store without charge. You can earn money through advertisements. 

A third choice is to select a premium model whereby a few highlights are accessible for nothing while others request a premium.


Currency converter apps are in high demand as they are perfect for travelers. There are many currency converter applications in the market, delivering accurate results, so the competition is tough. Make sure your app is unique and has something new to offer. 

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