How to Copy Data from Secure PDF Documents?

In any archive preparing, duplicating content is a significant job. Similarly, a PDF file known for document arrangement requires content duplication before moving the content to another location. In case any issue emerges when the sender of the PDF document limits the replicating activity, and the clients can’t duplicate the PDF content. Without much of a stretch, we have found out many methods that will help a user unlock PDF for copying.

Before, let’s move to the reasons behind unlocking a PDF file.

Why Unlock a password protected PDF file:

We have numerous PDF archives with critical data that can not be shared and without private key encryption. It is indeed normal to encrypt PDF files. So, their content can only be accessed by authorized users. Secured PDF archives make sure that no one views the information without entering the private key.

Below- mentioned are some reasons why a PDF file needs to be unlocked.

  • The Adobe reader does not permit a user to print a secured PDF file.

Working on Windows with Adobe Reader without opening a PDF record, it is beyond the imagination to expect to print the PDF file regardless only if the user knows the sender’s private key.

  • (CTRl+C ) shortcut for copying is not supported in Adobe reader

It is very upsetting when you can’t duplicate the content of the secured PDF document. Utilizing CTRL+C keys to duplicate content, however, text can become blurry if you copy-paste the image from one place to another.

  • Users cannot edit a PDF file if the file is password encrypted.

Having a basic utility that allows you to read PDF files in an instant, won’t be useful. Even if you buy the licensed version, the utility will not allow you to access/view locked PDF file content.

How to Unlock a Locked PDF file Manually:

If you have subscribed to a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, then follow this approach to unlock PDF for copying.

  • First, open the PDF file with a copy constraint on Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Go to the top – left corner, hit the Lock icon, and choose Permission Details.
  •  In the Security Methods tab, select No Security.
  • Type in the password digits – this will disable the password restrictions.
  • Now, store the PDF file at an alternate location So, that it does not get mixed with the original file.

Limitation of the Portable approach :

  • The user needs to know the encrypted password to remove the password from the PDF file.
  • Users must be technically confident while working on the method.
  • For accurate unlocking of files, make sure the steps are followed gradually.

An Alternative Measure to Remove PDF Copy Protection:

If the user finds himself/herself in a puzzled state while operating with the above procedure, then he/she can straight away go for a master utility instead. A utility that is significantly designed for PDF file unlocking purposes. One such utility is PDF Unlocker by Cigati Solutions. The utility masters in removing restrictions without password, unlock encrypted PDF files, displays comprising data of a PDF File, Compatible with multiple editions of Adobe Acrobat utility, Phenomenal infrastructure for user’s understandability, etc.

Working of the Utility :

  • Download and install the PDF file Unlocker and start operating.
  • Select either single or multiple PDF files.
  • Set a PDF password and press the Ok to continue.
  • Hit the Next button to view the contents of the PDF file description.
  • Hit Next for providing the PDF file details along with the path.
  • After unlocking, hit the Ok and press the Exit button.


In this blog, we have considered all the possible acquaintances about how to unlock PDF for copying. Unfortunately, the manual provided above has certain limitations. If considered, the portable approach will be less helpful in unlocking the PDF files rather than opting for a professional tool. The above utility is profound and claims in keeping PDF data intact throughout the unlocking procedure. I hope this blog will be indeed helpful if the decision is made wisely.

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