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Top 7 Examples of Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website in 2021

Facebook has been one of the leading social media platforms since years; therefore embedding Facebook feeds to your website can be very advantageous for your brand.

Since, embedding Facebook feeds to your website can help you in attracting a huge traffic to it that further leads to improve the rank of your website as compared to the competitor website. Not only the number of visitors, Facebook feed present on your website also increases the dwell time of your visitors by making the website very interactive and interesting.

When you embed Facebook feed to your website, you take a step forward in bridging the gap between social media users and business leads, very conveniently. 

Hence, embedding Facebook feeds to your website is like hitting a jackpot to make your brand successful.

What are Facebook feeds?

Facebook feeds are basically the content that appears on your Facebook accounts; they may be uploaded by you or by your connections. Facebook feeds can be in the form of images, audios, videos, texts, etc. 

Facebook feeds are voluntarily uploaded by the users and are purely User-Generated content. Embedding Facebook feeds on your website can help your brand showcase its transparency by displaying social proof on your website; hence your business grows at an excellent rate.

Best Examples to Embed Facebook Feed on your Website:

Facebook feed

Facebook doesn’t allow you to embed a lot of feeds to your website and customization options are also limited. Therefore you are needed to embed these Facebook feed on your website in different as well as compelling ways, in order to come under the public eye.

Do you want to know about these tricks to make your brand stand out?

Below given are a few examples of embedding Facebook feeds to your website to make your website look amazing without requiring many number of Facebook feeds.

1. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Photos

Facebook photos seem to be very colorful and interesting to the visitors, therefore Facebook photos have more engagement when compared to the text post.

Embedding Facebook feeds in the form of single photos allow you to cross promote the Facebook pictures. This helps your brand in delivering engaging content to your visitors, thereby increasing your engagement more than 2.3 times of the general engagement graph.

Displaying photos on your website is the best way of showing off your product and increasing your sales immensely. 

When you embed Facebook feeds of photos, it makes it easy for you to interact with your visitors and boost their engagement.

It is a time saving method to make your business popular, as your website gets updated automatically as soon as you upload a new picture.

2. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Albums

Since you know the advantages of embedding a single Facebook photo, you yourself are smart enough to reckon the miracle that the albums of multiple photos can do to your website.  

You can categorize your photos from Facebook and can assemble them into distinct albums depending on their types. This gives your visitors an ease to see the genre of photos of your brand they are interested in.

Embedding Facebook albums also reflects the organized functioning of your brand and builds a good image of your brand in the visitors’ eyes.

Adding captions to the albums help you increase your sales to a great extent.

3. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Videos

Embedding a short and compelling video with strong visual appeal can be very beneficial in grabbing the attention of the dwellers. It is an effective and engrossing way to increase the visibility of your brand in a short period of time.

Embedding Facebook feeds in the form of videos help your business in establishing brand awareness, by increasing your engagement more than 59%. Hence, it helps you in building good connections with your visitors and customers.

The best part of embedding Facebook videos to your website is that they start automatically on scrolling, so adding an interesting element in the start can be very eye catching, and entice your visitors to engage with your website.

4. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Reviews

Facebook reviews are the best social proof that you can embed on your website to gain the faith of your visitors. If you are smart enough, you can use these embed Facebook reviews to your advantage.

Showcasing good reviews on your website allows you to build good relations with your visitors and can help you transform them into your potential customers.

Building social trust of your brand can also help you in influencing their purchase decisions, increasing your sales at a higher rate.

5. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Sidebar Widgets

Displaying Facebook feeds on the sidebars is a very attention grabbing method to make your brand famous. This makes your feeds appear on each page of your website, increasing the visibility of your product.

Embedding Facebook feeds on your website on the sidebars is best for the limited time sale or real time updates. This gives very high exposure to your brand and has a powerful impact on an already targeted audience.

6. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Posts

Embedding a Facebook post on your website helps you in cross promoting your brand by sharing the blog post links. You can also add questions using text features, to make these posts look intriguing to the visitors

7. Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Slideshow

Not every flower has the same choice, therefore it is considered better to post a slideshow of many layouts instead of a single one. As different users might get attracted to different layouts, this can attract a lot of visitors to your website.


Since displaying all your Facebook feeds in the same way can make your website look bland and can bore your visitors. Therefore, applying different tricks to embed Facebook feeds to your website can make your website stand out among the same looking competitor websites.

Above mentioned are some of the amazing examples to make your website look glamorous and intriguing, hence can make your business boom in the market.

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