Top 10 Best Couch Tuner Alternatives

Tell me this … Is there anything better after a long day than sitting on your comfortable sofa with your snacks ready and enjoying your favorite show or movie? Yes, I don’t think so, and Couch Tuner is actually a pretty decent website to find movies and TV shows for you to watch. But what if we told you that we have found 10 Couch Tuner alternatives that remove that website from the water? Don’t you believe us? Try them out the next time you feel like watching some entertainment:

Couch tuner alternatives

10 Best Alternatives to Couch Tuner

1. YesMovies.ai

YesMovies is one of the best Couch Tuner alternatives with over 18,000 movies and over 15,000 TV seasons for you to enjoy. The website has an amazing looking interface that is fast and responsive, and very detailed content descriptions. It definitely has the best video player of all of these, with minimal pop-ups, and you can watch everything for free without registering.

Couch tuner alternatives - yes movies

2. Movieninja.to

Movie Ninja has over 20,000 movies and over 11,000 television show seasons with an excellent dark color interface. It has all the latest TV shows and movies available, with an in-depth search option, along with content suggestions. Everything is really smooth and responsive, with a really fast video player. It has more content than Yes Movies, but the interface and the video player are not as good, that’s why we consider it the second best.

3. Lookmovie.ag

Look Movie probably has the most balanced features of any of the other websites. The interface is really pretty, with an interesting dark blue theme. The website search option is really fast, and the video player is one of the best on the list. It offers more than 17,000 movies and more than 60,000 episodes of television shows, so there is plenty of content to enjoy. Why is it in third place? The only reason for this is that there are a lot of pop-up ads clicking on the website, but if you don’t mind it might even be the best one.

4. Moviesjoy.net

Moviesjoy has over 26,000 movies and over 1,000 full-length TV shows, so if you’re looking for variety then this website has you covered. The website interface is also really nice, with an excellent sliding side menu. The player is slightly slower than the websites mentioned above, and doesn’t offer 1080p video, but all of that is offset by the large amount of content available. So if you can’t find that elusive movie on the other sites, you can probably find it here.

5. 123Movieshub.red

123MoviesHub is probably the best looking of all these websites, with a crisp design and amazing animations. The website is extremely responsive and very enjoyable to navigate, and with over 8000 movies and TV shows available, there is no shortage of content to choose from. The search engine is also the best on the list, as you can choose from many different ranking options. You can even sort by actors! So if it’s so perfect why is it in the middle of the list? Because it requires a subscription along with your credit card information, but if you don’t mind going through that hassle, it’s one of the best alternatives out there.

6. Flixtor.to

Flixtor is second in number of content on the list with over 25,000 movies and over 1,000 TV shows available. The interface is really nice and professional looking, with excellent search and sort options. The video player is really responsive and fast too. Everything is top-notch, but the downside is that if you want to watch old movies and TV shows, you will have to become a VIP member of the website. Flixtor lets you watch 6-month movies and 3-month TV shows for free, making it surprising if you’re looking for recent content to watch.

7. Vumoo.to

The Vumoo’s interface and design aren’t surprising, but it’s not that bad either. The website is pretty straightforward and the player is nice, but sometimes it can be a little slow and choppy. You have over 10,000 movies and over 2,000 TV shows to choose from, but without a 1080p option. Vumoo is a good option if the previous ones are not available.

8. Putlocker.vip

PutLocker is rich in content with over 19,000 movies and over 7,500 TV seasons available. The interface looks decent, though it really responds. The search bar and filter options are fine, but previous websites had better options. The player is good too, although sometimes it can be a little slow, and sometimes movies have audio issues. It’s unreliable, but considering the amount of content, it’s still a pretty good streaming website.

9. Gomoviesfree.page

The appearance of the website and the interface is quite similar to PutLocker, although the video player is much faster. If everything else were the same, it would rank higher, but has less content than PuLocker with over 13,000 movies and over 2,500 television seasons. It also has a lot of pop-ups, so it can be a bit annoying too. But if you don’t mind the ads and the lack of content, it may be a better option than the previous one.

10. Streamlikers.com

StreamLikers is last on our list, but it’s not because of the design or the video player or the search and filter options. Lastly, just because it has the least amount of content to offer, with just over 3,000 movies and TV shows. This should be the last option on this list, as the other websites have much more to offer than StreamLikers.

Choose the one that suits you

As you can see, there are good alternatives for Couch Turner, some have great design, some have amazing video players, and others have tons of content to offer. Choose your favorite and start eating!

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