10 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives

What happened to Kickass Torrents? Kat.cr or KAT, for short, was once the most popular torrent site. The mirror sites Kat.cr and KAT have gone offline after the seizures of the US government’s domain.

As a result, Kickass is down. There are several Kickass Torrent alternatives that you may want to explore that are still working.

Kickass torrent alternatives

According to our research, these are the 10 best Kickass Torrent alternatives by popularity:

Most used (Kat.cr) Kickass Torrent alternatives
The following Kickass.to alternatives can be used to find legal content. However, all of these sites prioritize illegal content. We do not recommend that users turn to these sites for most torrents. Some legally available TV shows, movies, and software may be located through these sites, but you will find that these sites primarily offer unlicensed content.


It seems that Kickass Torrents is not completely dead. Kat.sx is a Kickass Torrents clone that offers the exact same experience you were probably getting with the original Kickass Torrents. Just be careful about using this site as it may contain viruses and seems to load additional unrelated pages when you click on just about anything.

The pirate bay

The Pirate Bay has managed to withstand both the test of time and ongoing legal battles. That said, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is usually the primary target for ISP blocking. In February 2017, the entire The Pirate Bay site, including its mirrors, went down for an unknown reason. This can happen to The Pirate Bay at any time, so it’s a good idea to have other options besides this one. The Pirate Bay has a wide selection of free software and other content, making it a good choice for those who want to make torrents for legitimate purposes, but are even more dabbling in illegal torrents.


1337X rapidly increased in popularity after Kickass Torrents was permanently disconnected. Now, it is one of the most used sites on the web. It doesn’t have the same kind of notoriety associated with Kickass Torrents or The Pirate Bay, despite being among the most-used sites in the world (within the top 400 sites based on traffic data). Those who use this site will probably enjoy the fact that it generally has few advertisements on its pages and a comparatively simple interface.


Although it is not the most popular torrent site, Rarbg still receives a lot of traffic. While it is not as notorious as The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents, it is under fire due to its increasing popularity, so it is something to consider before using it.

Currently, it is not blocked in most countries and you have rarely experienced the teardown problem that larger and more popular sites tend to experience. However, you can still download files, although you will not be able to serve as a planter and upload your files to the site due to registration restrictions.

Extra torrent

This site has been growing in popularity. It doesn’t have the most attractive design, but then again, that’s not something you probably care too much about. There are several Extratorrent access sites.

Legal downloads can be found here for public domain movies, open source software, and free downloadable images and music.


YTS.AG has annoyed (perhaps ironically) some in the torrent community for allegedly “name hijacking” of another popular, but now defunct, torrent service, YTS (YIFY). (History lesson: The old YTS site, which was once a very popular torrent tracker, closed and was forced to compromise with the MPAA.) Still, despite some complaints, many people still use YTS, although other torrent services may refuse to work with it. YTS may have one of the most attractive formats, but it is no less controversial than the other options.

YTS is mainly focused on movies, so if you are looking for torrent software then you should use one of the other options.

The main site, YTS.AG is up and running at the time of writing.


Torrentz2 was opened after the Torrentz.eu site was closed. Unlike YTS.AG, Torrentz2 made sure that the torrent community knew that it was not the original, but a substitute after the original site closed. Torrentz2 searches for torrents on over 60 sites and specialized private trackers.

Torrentz2 allows users to find most types of content, including content that is available legally and free of charge. However, most users turn to Torrentz2 to share files illegally, something we don’t approve of. Torrentz2 may be useful for legal torrents, but the site itself is operating illegally in most countries because most of the content available through it breaks copyright.


Chances are, you haven’t heard of Limetorrents, and that’s pretty cool. This new torrent site is likely to take off in the future as it continues to gain more presence following other torrent site takedowns.

However, Limetorrents leaves a bit of a strange taste in your mouth, as it regularly posts a food blog while you’re connected to it. Beyond that, some legal content can be found here if you’re vigilant.


Zooqle is a unique and slightly different option. You can get torrent files and magnetic links here, but you can also do direct downloads if you want to avoid torrent entirely. That said, there is plenty of suspicious content here, so be careful.


Demonoid is a gated community. Anyone can use the site to search and download torrent files. However, the site is generally closed to subscribe to new participants who want to contribute.

What makes a VPN good for torrents?

A good VPN for torrents should meet these criteria:

Look for a VPN that has a clearly established no-registration policy. This means that the VPN does not keep records of your activities that are connected to your personal identification. This does not include metadata, which will not have your identity connected to it.

Opt for a VPN with high speeds. Although torrents in general are generally designed to make downloading faster even with slower connections, you still need to use VPN services with the best bandwidth. See our summary of the fastest VPN services for more details.

Use a service with unlimited bandwidth. Along with a service that has fast speeds, make sure the service also provides unlimited bandwidth. Some services explicitly declare that they do not allow torrenting. Torrenting often requires significant bandwidth due to upload and download requirements.

Choose a VPN service that has DNS and IP leak protection. Considering that your reason for using a VPN while torrenting is primarily to mask your identity, choose a VPN service that protects you from leaking that information. Some use various methods to do this, including circuit breakers that turn off certain programs or your Internet if a leak is detected.

What happened to Kickass Torrents?

Whether you’re interested in the torrent scene or just starting out, you may have already heard: The popular torrent site Kickass Torrents has been officially seized by the US government. Its main websites, Kickass.to and Kat.cr, are now offline and show just a big seizure notification. As a result, you are likely looking for some alternatives to Kickass.to, Kat.cr and other Kickass Torrents mirror sites.

However, Kickass Torrents’ problems extend beyond the United States. In Australia, for example, Kickass Torrents is among a large number of torrent websites currently blocked by Australian ISPs. Some other countries (the US, for example) are still trying to get the site’s Polish owner, Artem Vaulin, extradited to face criminal charges. With the site facing a lot of heat these days, searching for a Kickass Torrents alternative makes perfect sense.

Although we cover a large number of torrent sites, where they are available, one can download various forms of media for free and legally. We strongly recommend that users first turn to legal torrent sites to download and share.

Techtodayworld.com does not endorse or encourage any violation of copyright restrictions. Torrenting is a perfectly legal download and sharing process when used correctly and used through official and legal sites and services. Be aware of the law, victims and risks of piracy before downloading or transmitting copyrighted material without permission.

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