How to download Spotify songs in MP3

Spotify is one of the main streaming music services and hardly needs an introduction because we all know how it works and we have all used it once. The music application allows us to listen to thousands of songs, albums or artists that are available on the platform, whether we pay or bet on the free version. But there is something you may not know: you can download Spotify MP3 music and use it on your mobile phone or computer, use it as a ringtone or to add to your own home videos, to listen to them offline, etc.

One of the options that Spotify allows is to bet on a premium account that allows us to download the songs from Spotify to listen to them offline, without having to have coverage or Internet connection. Only for users who pay the monthly subscription. But beyond this online option, you can download Spotify music in MP3 from your computer to have the files whenever and wherever you want. We explain how.

Download music on Spotify

Download spotify songs

If you are a premium Spotify user, you can choose where the songs or playlists are saved to listen to them offline. This does not imply saving them in MP3 but the app stores the files on your mobile or your computer and when you are not connected to the Internet you can access Spotify itself and play those songs. This will also save data even if you have an Internet connection because they will be stored locally and you will not be playing them in streaming.

To download songs is very easy. In addition, they are the same steps if you want to do it in the desktop computer or mobile and tablet app:

  • Open your Spotify app
  • Choose the song you want and add it to your playlist
  • Go to your library
  • Click on the playlist you want
  • Tap the button in the upper right corner
  • You will activate the download
  • Wait some minutes
  • The entire list will automatically become offline

To deactivate the download again, you just have to follow the same steps and tap on the same button when you no longer want that offline list because it takes up space or because you simply don’t want to have it on your mobile phone.

Another thing that Spotify allows you on the phone is to choose if you want to store the songs on the SD card so that it does not take up space in the internal memory:

  • Open your Spotify app
  • Go to the upper right corner, settings
  • You will see the configuration section
  • Scroll to the end
  • Click on “Storage”
  • Choose from storage options
    • SD card
    • Device storage

So you can save your songs but that does not mean that you can download music on Spotify in MP3 because you will not be able to use the files outside the program. That is, you could not send or use them as a tone or in videos, etc.

Download MP3 music

Beyond using the most legal method or that incorporated by the app, you have the possibility to download Spotify music in MP3, but keep in mind that it will be similar to downloading music through Torrent or with direct download, that you will not be doing something “allowed”. ”But resorting to download tools as in other cases. You can download the files to your computer and later do whatever you want with them. That is, transfer them to the mobile phone, the tablet, use them as music in ‘home’ video compositions, set them as a mobile ringtone, etc.

The first thing you will have to do is download the AllToMP3 program on your computer, with the main version for Windows but also with versions for macOS or GNU / Linux. It is free and occupies around 120 Mb.

  • Install the AllToMp3 program on your computer
  • Go to Spotify in the program or in the online version
  • Find a song you want to have in MP3
  • Click on “Share” and “Copy link”
  • Paste the link into the AllToMp3 box
  • Press ENTER on your keyboard
  • You will automatically see the song download process
  • After a few seconds, the song will be ready on your computer
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you want

As you repeat the previous process, you will see all the downloaded songs. You can download Spotify MP3 music by choosing which songs you want. Once you have the list, you can tap on the song to play it or go to the folder where you will find the files. Here you will see all the songs downloaded in MP3 format and you can use them as you like.

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