How to receive an alert when one of your whatsapp contact is online

Privacy is one of the most important aspects among the majority of users of the famous Facebook messaging application. So much so, that there are many adjustments that WhatsApp itself has been including to offer users the possibility of displaying their profile picture, status, info, or the time when they last connected to the application only to whoever they want. But without a doubt, there are other features of WhatsApp that also have to do with the privacy of users such as the fact of knowing if someone has read a message or is online at that time. Now we are going to show you how to receive an alert when one of your WhatsApp contact is online.

The truth is that if we enter the chat of any of our contacts and look at the bar above where the name is displayed, we can see if that person is using WhatsApp or not since it will appear “online” if he is within the messaging application. Many people do this on a daily basis when they send a message to someone and after a while that person has not answered them because they have not yet seen the message. This way, when we see that you are online, we will know that you are going to see our message and that you are likely to reply quickly.

This makes many people impatient before delaying the response to any of their messages and are constantly watching WhatsApp to check if the person to whom the message has been sent appears online or not. However, as we will show below, there is a way to receive an alert when one of your WhatsApp contact is online.

Receive an alert when one of your WhatsApp contact is online

For this, we are going to have to use an app that has been developed precisely for this purpose, let us know when any of our contacts is online on WhatsApp. The app we are referring to is called WhatzSeen and although it is not available for download in the Play Store, you can get it completely free and safely from this same link. From there we will be able to download the APK file of the app for later, just by clicking on it, proceed to its installation on our Android mobile.

Of course, first of all we must activate in the phone settings the installation of apps from unknown media, as well as accept the permissions that the application itself requests. Once WhatzSeen is installed on our mobile, we open it and we will find a screen in which we are asked to indicate a name , which will be the contact we want to control to know if it is online, its phone number and finally , we just have to press the button Begin to follow .

Automatically, we will see how the contact that we just added appears along with some buttons at the bottom of the app . There we must check that the campaign icon is shown in green, indicating that we have notifications or notices activated so that we know when it is online on WhatsApp. If at any time we want to deactivate them, just tap on this same button and we will automatically see how it turns red. We can also see your history of moments when that person has been online or offline on WhatsApp by tapping on the button that shows the WhatsApp icon or delete the follow-up of that contact by tapping on the red button with the cross.

With the contacts added in WhatzSeen, every time one of them enters WhatsApp and is online, we will receive a notification from the app indicating that this person has connected to the messaging app. The same happens when WhatsApp closes, it will also notify us that this person has already left the application.

What does it mean Online and Last time connected

If you are a regular WhatsApp user, then surely you have noticed on more than one occasion the information that we refer to from « Last time » and « Online «. A data that appears just below the name of our contact when we enter the chat with that person and that indicates if that contact has the messaging app open in the foreground and is correctly connected to the Internet, in which case it will show us that it is In line.

In that case, when using WhatsApp, if we are waiting for you to read our message, it is normal for it to do so in a few moments. Now, the last connected data indicates how long ago that contact was using the messaging app. Although there is a great difference between one information and another, the truth is that there is still another great difference, the data from the last time we connected is an adjustment that we can customize to our liking, while the message of Online is something that we do not can be hidden.

Therefore, we can prevent the time when we last used the messaging app to protect our privacy, but we cannot hide the fact that we are using it at the same time. So that the last time our connection to the app is not shown, we go into the settings> Account> Privacy> Last time. Once , we tap on this option and choose between the options , Everyone, My contacts or Nobody.

It is important to know that if we configure our WhatsApp account so that no one can see the last time we connected, we will not be able to see the last time our contacts were connected. However, there are other reasons why we might not be able to see this information from any contact, specifically if it has blocked us .

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