Marvel, Batman and more: The best superhero movies online

We have all seen a superhero movie at least once, or at least heard of them, we know how to recognize them, we know who they are. We know how to differentiate Batman from Spiderman, at least. But the bat and the spiderman are far from being the only ones and there are many best superhero movies that we can see streaming, on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and, of course, on Disney +. The Avengers, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy … but also The Incredibles or superheroes with LEGO pieces designed to earn a place in the hearts of the little ones. Whichever protagonist you idolize or the superpower you envy, there is a movie about them.

On the Disney platform we have access to one of the best collections for superhero lovers, with many of the Marvel series and movies that will allow us to meet Loki, Thanos and the others. Here we will not leave a list of all the Marvel movies available on Disney +In order to seek variety and go beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to find options for all audiences or all tastes and not only the great classics of superhero fans such as the complete Avengers, Thor or Iron Man saga , all of them available on the Disney platform. A compilation that seeks to be varied although all of them deserve a place here. We collect some of the best superhero movies of all time for both adults and children in the house, to have a good time with all kinds of characters, classic or not, with cartoons to enjoy with the family.

Best Superhero Movies

1. Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan told in his trilogy about Batman the whole story of the bat man and, in this first film, we will see its beginnings, the beginning of the legend. Batman Begins, as its name suggests, deals with the origin of the superhero, from his childhood, the trauma of his parents’ death and Bruce Wayne’s path to becoming Batman. A first trilogy film that introduces us to the protagonist, frames him in a personal context and leaves us predisposed to three action-packed films. In this film, his rivals will be Ra’s al Ghul and The Scarecrow, two villains who will try to wreak havoc in Gotham City, something Batman will try to prevent.

A good movie, a great start to the trilogy that brought Bruce Wayne to the top of the screen . It is not available on Amazon Prime Video with the subscription but you can buy or rent it, for the moment. If you rent it, you will have 30 days to start viewing it and 48 hours to finish viewing it once started. It will be worth paying less than five euros for a film session with this tape.

Platform : Prime Video

Year : 2005

Duration : Two hours and 20 minutes

Theme: Batman

Age : For over 13 years old

Batman Begins - Best Superhero Movies

2. The dark knight

The second film in Nolan’s trilogy about Batman is perhaps the most applauded and remembered , especially for Heath Leadger’s great role as Joker, before his tragic death. After the first film in which we are introduced to the character of Bruce Wayne, here we will continue to learn more about the psychology of the person behind the Batman suit and his greatest enemy, the Joker. From the interactions between the two, the great cruelty of the jester and the parallel and sentimental stories that will affect Batman, a perfect cocktail is created from which Nolan emerges as a winner , not only for the plot but also for the dark aesthetics of the film, one of the best of the 21st century and one of the best superhero movies in history.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2008

Duration : Two hours and 32 minutes

Theme: Batman

Age : For over 16 years old

The dark knight movie

3. The Dark Knight Rises

In the last installment of the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan we will have a lot of action, an older but still effective and beloved Batman and an impressive ending and with the appearance and birth of a fundamental character to understand the saga of comics and movies . In this third and final film by Nolan we will see Bane as a villain, an evil terrorist who takes advantage of the absence of a depressed Batman to create chaos in Gotham. Catwoman, another of the classic protagonists of the saga, will also enter the scene. Again, a lot of hero psychology, lots of action and a perfect story to elegantly close a trilogy that revived Batman for the movies.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2012

Duration : Two hours and 32 minutes

Theme: Batman

Age : For over 13 years old

The Dark Knight Rises movie

4. Captain Marvel

This movie is based on the Marvel comics character Carol Danvers, an officer in the United States Army who, after an explosion from an alien weapon, acquires powers and becomes Captain Marvel. In this movie we are going to have all the classic ingredients of the movies from the Marvel factory, with many battles, many well-known characters from the comics, families of aliens and a protagonist who will piece together pieces of her past life. Vers, Captain Marvel, will find details that will tell her about her previous life while she must fight to save Earth.

An immediate Marvel classic that will do wonders for its fans. In addition, Disney + is expected to have an exclusive series related to the character soon : Ms. Marvel, a review of the classic heroine who will tell us the story of Kamala Khan , a girl who seeks to be the successor to Carol Danvers and whose story is expected that reaches the streaming platform before 2021.

Platform : Disney +

Year : 2019

Duration : Two hours and 4 minutes

Theme: Marvel

Age : For over 12 years old

5. Avengers: Endgame

One of the last to arrive and the most successful at the box office in recent years. Avengers: Endgame broke records at the box office and managed to exceed one billion in box office in its first five days in the cinema. An absolute success that surpassed Avatar and that you can now watch with a Disney + subscription as many times as you want.

It is the sequel to Infinity War, a continuation of the Avengers saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this movie we are going to see practically all the characters of the Marvel universe, in one of the most epic movies from the point of view of script and technique of how many have been made in the world of superhero movies. With Thanos, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man or Captain America sharing the screen.

Some of his scenes, emotional and shocking, went down in the history of cinema, but it is better not to tell anything (it is still recent and we better avoid spoilers for those who are late and want to catch up on the film) and take advantage It is available on Disney + to see one of the most outstanding films on this theme.

Platform : Disney +

Year : 2019

Duration : Three hours and three minutes

Age : For over 12 years old

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Based on the group of superheroes of the same name from Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy is an action movie but with a lot of comedy and a soundtrack that includes songs from the 60s and 70s. It is ideal to see as a family (although recommended for adults 12 years old) and with a Groot that conquers all of us and that can also be seen in some of the best Disney + shorts for the smallest of the house.

Peter Quill is a boy abducted by a group of space criminals that grows among them until one day he steals an orb. In their search they will go, on the one hand, their own ex-companions, and on the other Gamora, sent by a supervillain. They will be joined by a bounty hunter raccoon named Rocket Raccoon and a human-shaped tree, Groot. This peculiar group will undergo a series of adventures in the purest Marvel style, without neglecting comedy. One of the most entertaining and fun Marvel movies, which may also appeal to those who do not know in depth the universe of comics and all its characters.

Once you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you can continue on to its second volume. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 is the continuation of the story, of the same characters and an outstanding soundtrack that will reveal more details about Peter Quill’s family, its mysteries, its secrets.

Platform : Disney +

Year : 2014

Duration : Two hours and 2 minutes

Theme: Marvel / Science fiction

Age : For over 12 years old

7. Watchmen

Based on a DC comic , this movie directed by Zack Snyder (300, Batman vs Superman) is about a group of heroes, vigilantes against crime , who are declared illegal by Nixon, despite having helped them to win the War. from Vietnam. After the attack suffered by one of them, the Watchmen group comes back into contact and in conflict, with some characters to remember such as Rorschach or Doctor Manhattan. A superhero movie that any movie buff can watch, because it is one of the best action-drama movies, which received great reviews and is always placed among the best rated on the movie charts.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2009

Duration : Two hours and 43 minutes

Age : For over 16 years old

8. X Men

Classic Marvel fans have X-Men and X-Men, old classics twenty years old. Two of the best superhero movies you can see on Disney + if you remember a childhood with Cyclops and the others. The X-Men, as we well know, are a group of mutants with all kinds of powers, led by Dr. Charles Xavier. But there are not only one type of mutants that are coming to the planet, but two: those who seek integration and those who want to confront those who consider themselves to be inferior beings for not having powers. Those of Charles Xavierand those of Magneto star in a confrontation between good and evil, integration or conquest, in a film that does not go out of style and with a story created by Stan Lee in which we will see characters well known today as Cyclops, Wolverine or Storm.

Plus, if you’re interested in X-Men, you can keep digging into characters on Disney + with new movies. From the spin-off X-Men 2 to much more current films such as X-Men First Generation that will tell us the story of friendship between Professor X and Magneto before being arch enemies, for example. You can also find and delve into the history of some characters with their own films, such as Wolverine, for example.

Platform : Disney +

Year : 2003

Duration : Two hours and 14 minutes

Theme : Mutants, Marvel

Age : For over 12 years old

9. Man of steel

Superman could not miss a list of best superhero movies. Although there are many who star, you can watch The Man of Steel on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for free. Zack Snyder directs this reboot of Superman in which we will review again the entire history of the great superhero par excellence, from his birth in Krypton as Kal-El, his childhood as Clark Kent, an apparently normal boy on a farm in the United States, and then he became aware of his powers and his confrontation with the villain General Zod. The film supposes a complete review to the history of Superman, with personages like Lois Lane or its adoptive parents. The film mixes sentimental and psychological stretches of the hero with others of pure action and adventure to draw the complete map of the life of the most well-known and legendary superhero of all, Superman.

Platform : Netflix / Amazon Prime Video

Year : 2013

Duration : Two hours and 22 minutes

Theme : Clark Kent / Superman

Age : For over seven years old

10. Astro Boy

Based on the Osamu Tezuka comic , Astro Boy is one of the best animated movies you can watch streaming, available on HBO or Amazon Prime Video for free. A popular series from more than forty years ago that now has its own film and one of the most recommended. The protagonist is a young robot with superpowers that a scientist has created in order to cope with the loss of having lost his son but will not be able to accept him as his own son, despite the fact that the robot is programmed with the child’s own memories.

This rejection by its protagonist leads the protagonist to go out and save the world in order to demonstrate to his “father” that he can live up to and deserves more love than he received. An endearing animated film in which robots of all kinds, action and humor are not lacking with retro touches but also with doses that will make us excited thanks to a beautiful film for all audiences.

Platform : HBO / Prime Video

Year : 2009

Duration : Two hours and 14 minutes

Theme : Science fiction / Robots

Age : For ages 7+

Astroboy - best superhero movies

11. Batman The Lego Movie

Batman has been, for decades, one of any child’s favorite superheroes. But it is even more so when it is designed in Lego format and it dances and sings songs when it is not facing the Joker. Batman The Lego Movie is a film recommended for everyone, for all audiences and especially for adults who will not only find an adorable and funny character but will see how they can live 104 minutes of pop references, continuous gags, jokes. In the story, Batman must face the Joker and spoil his plans to save Gotham City. To do so, he will have to fight not only against his main villain but against himself, getting used to working with friends and as a team.

You cannot see Batman the Lego Movie right now for free in steaming but you can rent it or buy it on Amazon Prime Video that will allow you to see it as many times as you want and enjoy the laughs that its characters promise.

Platform : Prime Video

Year : 2017

Duration : One hour and 44 minutes

Age : For over seven years old

Batman Lego - Best Superhero Movies

12. Big Hero 6

This Disney cartoon movie is based on the Marvel comic Big Hero 6, which has all the elements of classic Disney movies, emotionality, family values ​​and fun, together with lots of action and an adorable and charming character who will become (and has already become) the favorite of adults and children such as Baymax.

Hiro Hamada is an orphan boy who lives with his brother and his aunt and who likes robots. One day his brother discovers an invention of his, a robot named Baymax, and introduces him to his friends. The influence of his brother leads him to invent the Microbots, which will trigger a great tragedy but will also be the beginning of the great plot of the film. An emotionally charged superhero tape, perfect for getting kids started on superhero movies.

Platform : Disney +

Year : 2014

Duration : One hour and 45 minutes

Age : For over 6 years old

BigHero - Best Superhero Movies

13. The Incredibles

The great classic of Disney in terms of superheroes is, of course, The Incredibles. The famous characters in red are one of the best-known families on the big screen and they star in one of the best superhero movies you can watch streaming on Disney +. Mr. Incredible is Bob Parr, a former successful superhero who now has to live retired from power and with a boring life together with his wife and three children. Bob works at an insurance company but misses the superpowers, saving the world, taking on the villains. Everything changes when he receives a mysterious and secret communication asking for help.

After the success of The Incredibles, in 2018 a second film arrived that continued the life of the superhero family. Beyond Bob and Helen, Mister and Miss Incredible, their children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack try to live a normal life in which they struggle to hide their powers . Again, as in the previous case, their plans do not go as expected and they will have to join forces. The Incredibles 2 got a nomination for the Oscar Awards for best animated feature film in 2018 and also for the Golden Globes. One of the most essential films if you are looking for superpowers for the whole family and with a Jack-Jack that made us all fall in love.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2004

Duration : One hour and 55 minutes

Age : For over six years old

The Incredibles - Best Superhero Movie

14. Megamind

Moving away from the usual theme and superheroes, from the classics, Dreamworks launched in 2010 Megamind, one of the best superhero and animated films that presents us with a supervillain who will do his best to conquer Metro City but always spoil the plans because of Metro Man, a hero the alien protagonist manages to beat. Once defeated and dead MegaMind’s life ceases to make sense without a rival to contend with and will try to create a stronger new hero even though his plans will not go well. A fun comedy to watch as a family if you are looking for a light and entertaining film, short, only 96 minutes long and with no shortage of superheroes.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2010

Duration : One hour and 37 minutes

Age : For over seven years old

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