Why Software Updates Are Important

Many times we have received the notice that our smartphone needs an update. A process that can be tedious, but there is no other option if we want to enjoy our device as much as possible. What would be the consequences of not making these updates? And why software updates are important? we tell you now.

Android is one of the most popular mobile phone operating systems. Surely we have ever received a notice that our device needs updating. Before you start, keep in mind that there are two types of Android updates: new Android versions and security updates.

The difference between them is that the first ones appear with less frequencies than the security ones . Surely we have installed an update of this caliber and we have not noticed any changes, but we have to investigate beyond the superficial .

Security before everything

Android updates are a set of patches that are intended to correct errors and problems in the system .

These errors to which they refer are those related to the failures of the operating system itself , not to what an application may cause. In case there are errors in an application, a corresponding patch will appear on the Google Play application platform .

Of course, security patches are not universal and need to be adapted by manufacturers before they are available to everyone. Why does this happen? Simple, not all mobiles have thesame software and hardware. For this reason, sometimes some phones lack patches.

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To get an idea, Google collects the patches by monthly packages and publishes them periodically explaining what vulnerabilities there are. That published data reaches manufacturers and creates the update for their devices, adding patches for problems in their models.

Why software updates are important to install it?

Your mobile will receive a notification that an update is available. Admittedly, this notice is hard to ignore. The sooner you install it, the sooner your mobile will cease to be vulnerable.

In case of not installing them, our mobile is exposed to security attacks, either through a hacker or the use of a malicious application. Remember that from the moment the vulnerabilities are detected until a patch is created, it can take months, therefore it is recommended to install these patches as soon as possible.

If you follow this recommendation, you will ensure that your phone conserves its useful life much longer, and you will prevent it from becoming a target of cyber attacks.

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