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5 Ideas to optimize inbound marketing strategies

To create better Inbound Marketing strategies , we must know our client or audience. It is the basis of the phenomenon that voluntarily proposes to retain our users. To carry out this activity successfully requires internally strengthening three concepts: creating, publishing and generating valuable content. Think of our site as a service that provides educational information, generating a constructive user experience.

We often come across express success stories , social media that suddenly get a huge following. However, how many followers interact with the content? How many likes do they get? Do you share the material? Another problem of sudden success is that suffered by websites that get considerable daily traffic, but fail to retain their readers. The only remedy for this disease is to provide the content that the user claims. We review five ideas to optimize Inbound Marketing strategies :

1. Investigate and plan

Listen to our user. We need to know exactly our potential client or audience. There are various internal practices conditioned by the interest of the brand or the medium to be able to reveal, for example: its musical, sporting, ideological tastes, among others; Or simply meet the audience I am addressing: age, gender, country of residence. This process should not be invasive, to provoke genuine feedback . A better communication thread allows to deepen the search. In addition to contributing to a more pleasant climate for the user.

Social networks are the preferred channel to interact with the receiver. Instantly responding to the Internet user’s concern favors the relationship. In addition to the use of hashtag to replicate content with outside users, and supplement with surveys to ask specific questions.

2. Generate valuable content

Content is king . Generating valuable content is a decision that unleashes benefits in all digital environments. The creation of a differential material returns the recognition of users for walking a site that generates material of a constructive nature, providing knowledge. Develop extensive multimedia notes, with reliable source, on a narrative where the reader plays an active role. Also, it is the best choice to attract search engines.

3. Web positioning

Search engines are the preferred means of diving on the internet ( Google is the most used). Taking into account keys for better web positioning is not only an opportunity to connect with potential customers or audience, it also allows us to be the best option. How many pages do we browse after performing a search? How many links do we open? There are three key legs for search engines to register us:

-Keywords (keywords): define the words of the text that identify the central theme of the article.

-Tags: locate the post in different categories to improve indexing.

-Hyperlinks (links): redirect the reader to another web page

4. Share and measure

Consult the statistics section What are the most visited articles? Study the success story. Analyze how I formulated the post, what are the differences it presents with the rest of the content. The intervention of multimedia content, the length of the text, guidelines that mark the differential content. Study the channel where they interact the most, the shared files etc. What is the user behavior on the site?

5. Loyalty

Once we have a certain customer or audience margin, we must operate to preserve it. This mission is more difficult than attracting new users. The concept of loyalty encompasses all ideas to optimize Inbound Marketing strategies . That is: we need to generate optimal communication, create educational content, be easily tracked by Internet users, and measure which are the best-selling products or the most visited items.

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