Wireless mouse, How to choose a comfortable model to work

The wireless mouce are key accessories that productivity is maximized to the use of a computer, either inside or outside the home. If one of the keys that you are looking for in a new model is that it be light without losing quality in use, we show what you must take into account to get an accessory that fits exactly with the ones you need.

The truth is that, generally, what you want to achieve when buying a new wireless mouse is to get a model that fits both for use at home (either on a portable or desktop model) or outside, where mobility it is a key factor. In other words, that it is a model that serves all kinds of purposes, which allows the usefulness of the accessory we are talking about to be the maximum possible.

Use of wireless mouce

Another factor that is important for users when making a purchase is the price of the device being purchased. Obviously the lowest possible is sought , but it is essential that for this reason a minimum quality of use is not lost … and, this, we have taken into account to show fundamental characteristics and, also, in the list of models that we recommend. The case is that the maximum price we have chosen is 10,000.

The bottom line in wireless mouce

One of the first things to check in the accessories we are talking about is the weight they have. This measures the comfort they offer when used (also the lines have their importance in this, since the ergonomics they offer depends directly on this), and also when transported. Ideally, the chosen model should be below 250 grams , which ensures that it is not extremely light and, therefore, not very precise when moving it. This also enables the total sum carried in the backpack not to be excessively increased.

Connectivity is another important factor of choice, but always keep in mind that the freedom not to use any cable must be present. Thus, the two most suitable options are the use of radio frequency or Bluetooth . The first one offers good functionality and connection distance, and has the drawback of having to use its own transmitter that is usually connected to a USB port, which is a small restriction. In the case of choosing a Bluetooth model, the great virtue is that it can be used with any compatible device without any accessory utility, but the consumption it has is usually higher.

Wireless Mouce

Regarding the movement recognition system, at present the two most common are adequate ( laser and optical ), since the precision they offer is very high and therefore there are no problems in using them. wireless mice in all kinds of situations -play, work, study … -. It is possible that the most efficient is the laser … but with the price we have talked about before, it makes it normal for optical technology to be used.

Other options that are interesting

The first thing you should have is the compatibility offered by the accessory, since it is important that it can be used both on Windows computers and those that use the Apple operating system . If this is so, the usefulness of the wireless mouse will be beyond doubt. By the way, it is not a bad idea to include a button or another type of option to modify the precision offered by the motion sensor depending on the needs.

Finally there is the autonomy, which is recommended to be at least two or three weeks of use with a charge of the batteries used (or the rechargeable battery). This ensures that the experience when using wireless mice that you have is good or not, since being aware of this is usually quite negative.

Purchase options that are recommended

We leave a list in which several wireless mice can be connected that offers a good quality and that respect the price of 20 euros maximum that we have established to indicate the characteristics. All models are for sale on Amazon and therefore, Prime accounts can be used in some cases to avoid paying shipping costs.

VicTsing Mini

This is a model with high compatibility of wireless mouse so it can be used with practically any computer. With a very high precision since it reaches 2,400 dpi, it does not lack a wireless receiver that is nano type and therefore it takes up little space. A nice touch is that it includes six buttons that are configurable.


One of the things that catches the attention of this device is that it has a very attractive design that fits even with Apple equipment. Weighing only 69 bouquets, the technology it uses to communicate with the equipment is radio frequency and, therefore, the corresponding adapter is included.

AmazonBasics Mouse

The communication distance offered by this model is 10 meters, so you have no problem for this reason if you buy this model. It is one of the wireless mouce that has a design that takes great care of ergonomics, and it is striking that the sensor that it includes is a laser, so it is quite accurate.

LeadsaiL Rechargeable

What makes this device different from its competition is that it is one of the few that includes a rechargeable battery, so you do not have to be aware of buying batteries to use it. With a silent use system, its precision is quite high, it reaches 2,400 dpi.

Logitech M185

This is one of the quality wireless mouce from all that we have chosen, and that comes from the hand of one of the largest manufacturers of this type of peripherals. Available in various colors and uses radio frequency technology, so the compatibility it offers is very high with different types of computers.

Parsion Mouse

It is another of the models that includes a rechargeable battery, so for this reason it can be chosen as a purchase option. The connection distance it offers is 10 meters when using radio frequency technology, and the weight of this accessory is only 99.8 grams, making it highly manageable.

HP Z3700 RF

This device does not fail at all, since for example the precision it has is 1,200 dpi and you can choose between the one that is used at all times and therefore adjust the consumption. It can be purchased in various colors and one of the things that attract the attention of this device is that it is one of the finest wireless mouce of all.


Aesthetically this device is quite attractive and, in addition, it is possible to buy it in different colors. It uses radio frequency technology which ensures high compatibility, and it does not lack a good number of buttons and, of course, a very useful scroll wheel when browsing the Internet.

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