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download torrents through the BitTorrent network. As it is a very changing world and subject to a lot of movement, we tell you which are the best websites to download torrents in 2024 both in English (original version) and in Spanish.

Nothing has been able to end the BitTorrent network and its torrents. Thousands of users use this medium every day to upload and download content to the Internet, in addition to sharing with other users. In order to use this network, you need to have an Internet connection and use some of the best rated torrent programs and clients to download at the moment. ‘Once you have software to manage the entire process, you just need to find the best torrents to download on specialized pages. Whether files of some kind, games, movies, series …

Where do I find torrent sites to download?

From there, it will be enough to access one of the hundreds of web pages that we find on the Internet to get the necessary .torrent link. We will have to open that link with one of the torrent programs that we have linked to in the previous paragraph and the download will begin. It is also possible that many websites offer us .magnet links, which are a special type of link that will directly open the download without the need to download the corresponding .torrent file first.

We choose the way we choose, we must have an updated list of portals to download torrent. Therefore, we leave you two ordered lists below that will be very useful for day to day, when we do not know where to start. Here, you will have a list of the best torrent download pages in 2024, in all languages. 

Top 13 Best Torrent Sites

There are many classics that never fail and that have been working for years and that allow us to download the best torrents easily. Just go to the different websites, choose the category, find the file you want and send it to download to enjoy the content in just a few minutes.

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay download torrents

The eternal survivor who has spent many years enduring judicial persecution. In fact, it is blocked in Spain and we will have to resort to alternative methods to access it. At the end of the article we explain how to access blocked websites in your country with various methods. In the case of The Pirate Bay, it remains a reference despite access problems. Every day it receives news and maintains its classic design that helps us feel at home. Its domain on the Tor network is piratebayztemzmv.onion.


One of the websites that has grown the most in recent years. Its interface is fast and simple, allowing us to find the latest torrents to download. Its organization by categories allows us to watch movies, series, documentaries and concerts in qualities ranging from 720p to 2160p . It is one of the reference websites to achieve the highest quality, with a lot of 4K content, obtained in Blu-ray, remuxe or recoded in H.264. Screeners or CAMs are not content found on this website. It also stands out for its PC games section and its adult content section.

RARBG best torrent sites


Another of the most popular websites on the planet that has also had problems with justice. With a more careful visual aspect, this website offers sections of movies, series, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, others and adults. In addition, in a comment they clarify that, although 1337x.to is the main domain, we can also access it through 1337x.gd .

1337x- websites to download torrents


Torrentz2 is the best option if we are looking for a multi-page torrent indexer . Its database has 61.1 million torrents from 91 different public tracker domains, mostly. Therefore, it is the option if we are looking for any type of file. This website is the alternative to the original Torrentz.eu that disappeared a few years ago.

Torrentz2 best torrent sites


Another increasingly popular and used portal with access to a wide variety of multimedia content, as well as software and games. It has a vast database of more than 11 million torrents thanks to the fact that the page has been operational since 2009 . It has one of the most comfortable interfaces that you will find among the best torrent websites as it allows us to quickly access categories: movies, programs, music, games, applications, anime … Once within the category that interests you, you will only have to search and choose what you want. If you want something specific, you have a complete database in which you can search just by entering the keywords in the search bar. Once you have the file, you can download it.

Limetorrent download torrents


Another website closed a few years ago, but that returned with more force than ever is ExtraTorrent . In it we find a great variety of content, with movies, series, books, software and adult content. In fact, its creators do not hide at any time that their project arises as an alternative to extratorrent.cc.



Another website that has gone through a lot until reaching the present day and which is one of the longest-lived. In fact, the previous domain has been closed and now redirects us to a new .mx domain. The content and appearance remain the same, with popular downloads as soon as accessed and below the latest uploads they have made. Simple and fast operation, ideal for movies . You will only have to go through the website to choose what you want to see. Once you have it, as in the others, you only have to download it.

YTS best torrent sites


In the same way that YTS is ideal for downloading movies, EZTV is ideal for getting the latest series released on the market . On this page all the latest chapters of all the series and programs of the moment in original version are uploaded a few minutes after being broadcast.

Download torrents


Another website that has managed to take advantage of the closure of other more powerful ones to gradually make a place for itself among the most visited. It stands out for being one of those that has intrusive advertising and, as soon as it is accessed, you can see a list of the most active torrents of the moment , as well as those that have just been uploaded. We may have to “complete” a captcha before accessing.

Zoogle best torrent sites


Torlock has a cover page where we can see the most popular torrents in each category, as well as the most popular among those added in the last 24 hours. Again, on the cover we have all the torrent information. In this case, it stands out for having a tag cloud in the upper area that informs us of the most common searches and the most demanded content.



Another popular page with a simple and fast aspect that does not show us any list of featured or recently uploaded torrents, but a search engine with categories such as series, movies, software, music, games, anime, books or adults.


Torrent Project

We ended up with a metasearch engine that currently indexes more than 10 million torrent files , so it is quite likely that we will find what we are looking for. Its appearance is simple and we only have to enter the text and click on “Search”. In a few seconds we will have results.



And if you have not found something in the previous ones, we will always have Rutracker. This Russian website is a mine to find content that is not available elsewhere. If you do not mind looking for something that is not in Spanish, you will probably find everything on this page.

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